5 Mom Debates That Will Never Be Settled. Ever.

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Can we ever agree to disagree, or will the fighting continue?

Opinions are like moms. Everyone has one. And every mom has an opinion.

In fact, you won’t have to look far (the mirror, perhaps?) to find a mom with a very strong opinion on a variety of parenting topics. Perhaps the one thing we can all agree on, however, is that we’ll never agree on many of these things.

Take a glance at the arguments that will likely never be settled, no matter how right you just know you are on the issue:

  • Stay-At-Home Moms vs. Daycare 1 of 5
    Stay-At-Home Moms vs. Daycare
    Stay at home or send the kids to daycare? It's a personal and often heartbreaking issue that have moms jumping up and down to declare what's right for their own kids as well as everyone else's. But the reality is that no one really should pass judgment and declare for certain what's best for anyone's child but her own. And yet, the debate will rage on as long as daycare exists and some moms choose not to use it while others simply have no choice.
  • Breastfeeding 2 of 5
    For some women, breastfeeding is a sacred commitment. For other moms, it's painful or a pain or nearly impossible, and pumping or formula will be just fine instead, thank you very much. The pro-breastfeeders are generally very strenuous in their support of giving their children nothing but mother's milk straight from the source. Those who opt out of it generally don't want to hear about it. Either way, the teams are both strong in their numbers — and their opinions. Who's the winner? There can't possibly be one, but that won't stop those on both sides of the issues from arguing their point until it's time to feed the kid again.
  • Spanking 3 of 5
    Many moms today were spanked by their parents when they were kids. Some choose to carry on the punishment tradition with their kids. Others wouldn't dream of it. A generation or two ago, spanking was kind of par for the course in some households. These days it can be seen as child abuse. How to best discipline your kids is probably best left up to you, although some will tell you there is no better alternative to a good whack on the butt while others will scream that it only teaches the child that violence begets violence. Will a truce or compromise on the subject ever be reached? Of course not.
  • Manners 4 of 5
    There is no shortage of moms who poke their kids at every turn to add "please," "thank you" or "sorry" to every sentence, or demand manners proper enough to impress the Queen at the breakfast table. And then there's the camp that thinks kids will be kids and prompting them to say words they don't mean is a hollow and useless victory. Is either side right? We can wait until the kids grow up to see which set has better manners, but even then it's likely that both sides will declare some kind of separate but equal victory.
  • Vaccines 5 of 5
    Want to argue until there are tears — yours and your debate partner? Then raise the subject of vaccines. Studies have shown . . . that vaccines are good and vaccines are bad. Some would never let a needle touch their kid's arm, and have the studies to back up their inaction. Others wouldn't dream of letting their kids go unvaccinated . . . and have the studies to prove why those shots are imperative. It's a hot button topic, for sure, and one that isn't going anyway anytime soon, if ever.


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