5 More Companies 'One Million Moms' Should Boycott

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If you think this lady is bad...

In case you haven’t heard the news, “family values” group One Million Moms urged its supporters to petition against Ellen DeGeneres being named the new spokesperson for JC Penney and demand that she be replaced by someone not openly gay, Radar Online reports. A statement on reads, “Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families.”

If these ladies think that hiring Ellen DeGeneres was a bad move on the part of JC Penney execs, here are five more companies these women might want to avoid, thanks to the risky, non-traditional and frankly UN-AMERICAN choices they’ve made for celebrity spokespeople:

  • Barnes & Noble 1 of 5
    Barnes & Noble
    For hiring Jane Lynch (also a big ol' out and proud lez!) to shill the Nook. (It's okay, I bet these ladies don't read, anyway.)
  • Allstate 2 of 5
    For hiring a BLACK MAN (Dennis Haysbert) to sell insurance! BLACK MEN WILL ROB AND RAPE YOU, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?!
  • America’s Dairy Farmers 3 of 5
    America's Dairy Farmers
    For hiring Elijah Wood to sell American cheese. (Yes, that's little Elijah Wood, pre-LOTR.) How can an actor best known for a role which required a BRITISH ACCENT sell AMERICAN CHEESE?!
  • Mars, Inc. 4 of 5
    Mars, Inc.
    For hiring Betty White to rep Snickers. DON'T YOU KNOW CANDY IS FOR KIDS, OLD LADY?!
  • American Express 5 of 5
    American Express
    For hiring Conan O'Brien, a known terrorist sympathizer, to infiltrate some country where they wear turbans and speak in a funny Islam language - all in the name of capitalism. I don't think so, you dirty Muzzies!!!



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