5 Old School Bands Kids Love (Videos)

Kids - They Love Devo!

Let’s face it, 76% of music made specifically for kids sucks. Between Barney singing about his creepy purple love for us and that 82nd round about those rebellious monkeys jumping on the bed, it is totally refreshing to entertain your child with music that you (and them) can both enjoy.

There is no reason why you have to have your kid listen to “kid music,” and many of us don’t. And our music loving offspring, many prefer that “vintage” rock and roll  music we play for them to the drivel that is marketed to their little ears.

We’ve found that here are certain bands that kids are really drawn to. Old school bands that even though they released their records over 25 years ago – still seems fresh now. Bands whose fans span generations. Bands whose music is loved by little Suzy, Joey Jr., mom, dad, and even grandma and grandpa.

Check out these 5 old school bands that kids seem to love. Any of these in heavy rotation in your house? Would you add any others?

  • The Beatles 1 of 5
    The Beatles
    It is an undisputed fact kids love the Beatles. From "Yellow Submarine," to "Love Me Do" to my personal favorite from my own childhood - "Octopus's Garden." Of all rock bands in the history of mankind (which makes it sound pretty lofty, no?) the Beatles are the most respected, revered, and one that really has stood the test of time. Our kids are the third generation to embrace Beatlemania, with grandparents rocking right alongside three-year-olds grand kids to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. And some kids, they really get bitten by the Beatles bug (check out our own Mira Jacob's piece on how she had her the Beatles Invasion that "wrecked" her home).

    Suggested Listening: Octopus's Garden, Yellow Submarine, Love Me Do, Hey Jude, Happy Birthday

  • Ramones 2 of 5
    Even with songs like "Beat on the Brat," "I Wanna Be Sedated," and "Lobotomy," the Ramones and their three cord anthems have an infectious affect on kids. They jump up and down, they dance, they sing, they basically just go giddy and crazy for this legendary punk rock band from yore. Yes, the lyrics "beat on the brat with a baseball bat" and "hey ho, let's go/shoot ‘em in the back now," may be a bit violent for some parents but if you ignore that and let them spaz out to it, it makes a good time for all.

    Suggested Listening: Blitzkrieg Bop!!, Rockaway Beach, Rock ‘N' Roll High School, Sheena is a Punk Rocker and if you dare Beat on the Brat.

  • Abba 3 of 5
    For the sugar coated pop category, kids are pretty sweet on ABBA. The Broadway hit Mama Mia brought a resurgence of the Swedish disco supergroup's music. Our little dancing queens (and king) can't stand still when hearing these contagious pop songs. Several times I've witnessed mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all trying to keep in pitch while singing along with one of their hits (with mixed results). The music may be timeless, but ABBA's outfits? Not so much.

    Suggested Listening: Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Take a Chance on Me, Waterloo

  • Devo 4 of 5
    Are we not men? We are Devo! Devo is so beloved by the our wee ones that Walt Disney Music gambled on that fact and put out an album called Devo 2.0 - which is a Devo cover band made up of kids (and was done so with the blessings of the original band members). But the album? It flopped. Looks like kids (and adults) preferred the real thing. And bonus kid coolness points for Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh appearing as a regular on Yo Gabba Gabba.

    Suggested Listening: Whip It, Satisfaction (I Can't Get No), Girl You Want, Beautiful World

  • B-52s 5 of 5
    This super awesome band from Akron may not be on everyone's kid friendly playlists but it should be. They are the quintessential party band with an uber-fun sense of musical style that has cheerful tone that is perfect for the under 10 set. A personal favorite? Their song Dance This Mess Around, seeing a five-year-olds interpretation of the "Coo-ca-choo" and the "Escalator" is priceless.

    Suggested Listening: Rock Lobster, Private Idaho, and Dance This Mess Around


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