5 Photo Apps to Use with Instagram

Instagrammers – are you using other photo apps with Instagram?

If you’ve ever wondered how some of your Instagram friends photos look SO good and how their iPhone 5 couldn’t be THAT much better than your iPhone 5 – there is a strong possibility they are using apps before importing their photos into Instagram. Want to learn how to make collage or add text in fonts (and more!) to your photos? Read on!

Photo Apps to Use with Instagram

My dear friend @Laura_Elizabeth introduced me to Instagram back in November 2010. She is an Instagram rock star sporting over 162k followers!  I’ve asked for her secrets and due to secrets that I know about her, she was happy to reveal what apps she uses before importing her photos into Instagram. Here is how she creates her Instagram magic.

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    App to use with instagram

    One of Instagram's suggested users, Laura Elizabeth is sharing her secrets as to what the best apps to use before importing your photos into Instagram. Check out which apps make her photos wow!

  • A Beautiful Mess App 2 of 7

    The new A Beautiful Mess app just launched this week. The girls at ABM have really put their heart and brand into this app. It's a super fun and a great app for adding total cuteness to your photos.

    A Beautiful Mess is available for 99 cents - iOS

  • Camera+ App 3 of 7

    The Camera+ app makes your iPhone a better camera, how? With this app you are able to set your exposure, choose your shooting mode, there is a 6x digital zoom, front flash (that's right - a flash for selfies!), clarity and more!

    Camera+ is available for 99 cents - iOS


  • Over App 4 of 7

    Okay, this is a new one to me, and I am OBSESSED. This is my new favorite app to add photos to your Instagram pics. There are over 28 amazing fonts with great tinting functionality to make sure your text shows well on the photos. 

    Over is available for $1.99 - iOS

  • Afterlight App 5 of 7

    Afterlight is an overall photo editing tool that offers a plethora of options for your pre-Instagram photo.  With filters, textures, adjustments and frames, export to Instagram a fantastic photo!

    Afterlight is available for 99 cents - iOS


  • Pic Frame App 6 of 7

    Combine multiple photos into one with the Picframe App. 
    Pic Frame is available for 99 cents - iOS

  • Snapseed App 7 of 7


    I'm sneaking this one in, as it's a personal love of mine both on the iPhone and the Macbook. Plus, added bonus... the Snapseed app is now free! Snapseed features great filters, easy editing and even integrates with Google+.  I especially love this app on the iPad. 

    Snapseed is available for free

  • Follow @Laura_Elizabeth on Instagram, send her a shout out that I introduced you!

What are your favorite photo apps to use with Instagram?

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