5 Reasons That Companies Should Hire Mom Bloggers

working-woman-laptopAs companies’ spending has shifted in the last few years, investing more of their marketing dollars on bloggers and social media, here are five reasons that companies are making the right decision hiring mom bloggers…

In yesterday’s post, “Working for Free??? When You Should and When You Shouldn’t!” I explained to bloggers when and why they need to be compensated for their work.

As I covered in that post, the question comes down to the definition of “free.” A blogger, just like a company, has to determine the Return On Investment of each project, “The ROI needs to be sufficient on both sides, for company/advertiser and for the blogger. Bloggers shouldn’t be losing out, nor should companies/advertisers be paying too much.”

So, today I am going to delve into some of the unique ROI for companies that comes from hiring professional mom bloggers.

1. Moms Are Listening — and Loyal

It is no longer in question, studies have shown that moms listen to moms, and moms are online!

In my post, “Why Professional Mom Bloggers are Here to Stay…” I quoted Tom Webster, author of the blog Brand Savant and Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research as he commented on the the results of Edison’s recent survey called Moms and Media: 2011. Webster writes, “…Social-savvy Moms are important not only because they create and share content, but also because they are listening…So, it’s easy to see why so many brands are talking to Moms: they listen.

Companies have become “mom savvy” and are reaching the mom-consumer through moms! Hiring mom bloggers to communicate a company’s message to other moms simply makes sense.

But, there is another advantage to the company hiring and investing in the online mom community — the loyalty of moms.

We online moms recognize the companies that support and spend their money “at home,” in our online community. We notice and reward the sponsors of mom blogging conferences and the companies that hire bloggers and advertise in the blogosphere.

By hiring mom bloggers, a company’s message is heard and their support is appreciated.

2. Invest in the Infrastructure

A strong blogging community pays off for marketers.

When companies spend money supporting the blogs that they want to use to communicate their message, they are ultimately helping themselves. Stronger blogs, with better resources and reach, will serve the companies more effectively.

Essentially, companies are helping to build the roads they want to use.

Bloggers must be able to earn an income from their work in order to provide the top quality sites that advertisers want.

3. It is True Baby — You Get What You Pay For!

I love to shop at outlet stores. I get a thrill from getting a deal, a better price, than if I had shopped in the company’s flagship store downtown.

But, the ridiculous thing is, I know am not getting the same product at the outlet store!

I recently went into the Roots Outlet store near my house, looking for another pair of my favorite yoga pants that I had purchased at the Roots Store in Toronto last fall during Blissdom Canada. I asked the sales associate if they had the same pair and she confirmed what I feared: the outlet stores do not carry the same products, nor the same quality as the main stores. My favorite yoga pants would not be my favorite yoga pants if I purchased the lesser quality outlet version.

I decided to keep my money and buy the REAL thing from the Roots Store, where I knew I was getting the quality and the fit that I wanted.

As I described in, “Working for Free??? When You Should and When You Shouldn’t!” there are different “prices” for different bloggers. Newer bloggers, who are just starting to build their skills and their influence have a different ROI and will be able to work for different costs than experienced bloggers who have invested years and thousands of dollars building their blog and reach.

It is good old logic: you get what you pay for. I may have been tempted to buy the outlet yoga pants. And sometimes the outlet yoga pants would be the right choice. But, even though my budget is tight, I want to spend my dollars on the higher quality product and get the results I want.

Yes, even in the blogosphere, you get what you pay for.

4. A New Kind of Celebrity

One of the best partnerships between company and blogger is when companies hire bloggers as spokespersons. Instead of hiring traditional celebrities, many companies are choosing mom bloggers to represent their brand and connect with consumers.

At 5 Minutes for Mom, Susan and I have been fortunate to work with several fantastic companies as spokespersons. It is a great form of work for bloggers and it is cost effective for companies.

Mom bloggers have an established voice and influence, and even more importantly, mom bloggers resonate with the mom audience as “real women.”

5. One Blogger, a Breadth of Talent

Nowhere is it more important to be multi-talented than in the blogosphere. We professional mom bloggers wear many hats — in addition to the ones we wear at home!

We are writers, business women, social media influencers, speakers, photographers, marketers, consultants, experts, video creators, and more!

When hiring bloggers, companies are often bringing a number of talents to the table — a lot more than just a sponsored post or a handful of tweets.

Really, there are so many options and opportunities when working with bloggers. The endless challenge of coming up with innovative and exciting new partnerships is my favorite part of working with brands.

In fact, in tomorrow’s post I will continue this discussion about working with online moms with a follow up post, “Ten Ways Bloggers can Benefit Companies.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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