5 Secrets You Shouldn't Hide From Your OBGYN

hiding from the gynecologist
Don't keep secrets from your gyno

It’s just a bit embarrassing to share certain info with your gynecologist. It makes no sense — doctors who specialize in the reproductive system have, let’s just say, seen it all. And they’re explicitly there for your support — you’re obviously on the same team.

But it’s not uncommon to get a little red in the cheeks on the exam table. And when it comes to sharing information about health history, apparently a lot of moms just flat out lie. But according to Drs. Rankin and Raj, reporting for CNN, these omissions can come back to haunt you.

They use an example of a woman who had incontinence and was too shy to share. She peed so often she stopped drinking enough and was twice hospitalized for dehydration in the summer. And she didn’t tell her gynecologist until he himself saw that her bladder was in desperate need of help.

So besides the constant need to pee, what are the 5 secrets your gyn should know?

1. Who your baby’s father is: apparently this is a big trouble spot. And it’s critical because of things like blood type and genetic testing.

2. How much you drink: heavy drinking raises certain cancer risks, and alcohol interferes with medications.

3. How many sexual partners you’ve had: obvious, the risk for STDs.

4. Whether you’ve had an abortion: abortion is an important one if, for example, you’re having trouble conceiving (possible scar tissue). Multiple abortions could put you at risk for miscarriage or premature birth. And your doctor also needs to know this if you’re going to have any uterine or cervical procedures.

5. If you have a sinking libido: could be hormonal problem or a symptom of depression.

So go ahead, put it out there next time you’re in for a check up. Chances are, there’s really nothing you can say to phase an experienced obgyn.

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