5 Tech Gadgets that Can Make Dad’s Life Easier

There are certain chores that just always seem to land on dad’s list of to do’s. With technology (and money, don’t you hate that money is always in the equation), Dad’s chores can be simplified.

Check out these 5 tech gadgets that can make dad’s life easier (or mom’s!)

  • Dad Chores 1 of 6

    While we try not to play too much into gender roles in our house, there are some chores that are always listed as Dad Chores. Check out these 5 tech gadgets that can help simplify that chore list. 

  • Mowing the Lawn 2 of 6

    Husqvarna 'sAutomower® Solar Hybrid is the world's first fully automatic lawn mower that is partly powered by the sun. Brilliant for your lawn, great for your conscience, better for the planet.

    Learn more at Husqvarna

  • Laundry 3 of 6

    With Samsung's WA508 washer and DV508 dryer, the laundry can be started and monitored from your smart phone!  Now if they only had a laundry folder and putter-awayer, I would so buy this!

    Learn more at Samsung

  • Cleaning the Pool 4 of 6

    Let the robot clean the pool!  Give dad a break from pool duty with the iRobot verro. 

    Learn more at iRobot


  • Gutter Cleaning 5 of 6

    Remember the days when Dad had  to climb on a ladder or the roof and scrub out the gutters? No more of that mess with the iRobot Looj.  The Looj blasts away leaves, dirts and clogs whiles brushing your gutters clean!

    Learn more at iRobot


  • Watch the Kids 6 of 6
    surveillance camera

    Let dad leave the kids in the playroom without worrying about them dumping out all the toys (hahaha) with the Uniden Guardianâ„¢ Wireless Video Surveillance System. This video surveillance systems can be viewed via your iPhone. This mom wants one of these!

    Learn more at Uniden


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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