5 Things My Husband Isn’t Getting if I Get Sick

Apparently being sick doesn’t have to put a damper on your plans to spend quality time with your spouse. This week Your Tango shared a list of several date night ideas for those who have the flu. My favorite is a TV marathon, although with children it’s hard to watch a marathon of any show unless it’s child friendly or you wait until they go to bed.

Reading their list got me thinking about what would and wouldn’t happen if I were to get sick. I’m using hand sanitizer and washing my hands like mad these days, but in the event that I so much as catch a cold there are several things my husband won’t be getting. Take a look:




  • A Homemade Meal 1 of 5
    A Homemade Meal
    In the event that I was to get sick I will immediately refrain from cooking. The only time I will enter the kitchen is to prepare a bowl of cereal for my little one (I will happily prepare a bowl of cereal for my husband as well should he desire such) and a glass of orange juice for myself. I will have no need for pots, pans, or cooking utensils.
  • Control of the TV 2 of 5
    Control of the TV
    It will be my turn to rule the TV remote. If I have to be sick then I also have to be able to catch up on all the television shows recorded on the DVR. My husband is welcome to join me but I don't recommend he touch the remote. I will have had it all day and it's probably got germs on it. Being sick is the one time I feel like I can get away with being a couch potato.
  • My Undivided Attention 3 of 5
    My Undivided Attention
    As much as I would want to spend time with him I doubt I'll want to do much talking and thinking… and, depending on whether or not I am taking medicine (or suffering from sleep deprivation), I might be a little "out of it." During such a time I wouldn't recommend having any major discussions unless they're absolutely necessary.
  • A Full Nights Sleep 4 of 5
    A Full Nights Sleep
    Even if the baby is asleep I probably won't be. Why? Because whenever I am sick come nighttime I lose the ability to breathe. Much like sleep, air is a hot commodity and whenever I am sick I feel like I am straining to get some. Come bedtime, he can expect to hear me blow my nose, cough, and whine throughout the night. And if I am ill and feeling a little weak it would probably be best if he assumed diaper duty.
  • Loving in the Bedroom 5 of 5
    Loving in the Bedroom
    Despite many people believing that having sex while sick can help you get better I am not one of those "many." When I am sick I feel gross and sluggish not sexy. If I get sick you can best believe that there will be no action when it comes to my lady parts and my Mr. In this particular case patience will be a virtue.


That said, I’m crossing my fingers that I can navigate through the remainder of flu season germ free, and I am hoping the same for you! In the event that you aren’t well I hope you feel better soon! Be sure to visit Your Tango for their suggestions on how to still have a date night even if you are sick.

What are some things that change for you and your spouse when you aren’t feeling well?

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