5 Things to Totally Splurge On!

What to Splurge On!

I try to save money whenever I can. Cutting costs here, trimming spending there, but there are certain things you just don’t scrimp on. I may be cheap and keep have a tight grip on my pure strings, but some items are really worth splurging on. And in splurging, sometimes in the spending of more money, you can end up saving money.

Here are five things I totally believe are worth splurging on:

Organic produce and meats:
When you hear about some of the chemicals that are used on produce and with the raising of animals for consumption, it can make you worry, rightfully so, about what you are putting into your family’s bodies. Organic foods are far more common than they once were, but they are more expensive. You don’t have to buy only organic, but there are certain foods you should splurge on. Check out this list of the “dirty dozen” (although their list goes up to 14), of what you should buy from the organic section.

Your Mattress
Our last mattress we bought in a hurry and we went more for cost than comfort. I didn’t realize how much we had been cheating ourselves out of a good restful sleep until we got a new mattress, a more expensive but far more comfortable mattress. We traded in our generic spring filled mat for a luxurious, lounge-worthy, and totally lovely Sleep Number bed (the M7 Memory Form version). It may have a much more hefty price tag than the discounted bed we bought before, but all those extra hours of restful sleep that we’ve been getting is totally priceless.

It is not okay to get all Imelda Marcos and spend boatloads of cash on thousands of pairs of shoes, but to spend a bit more on one pair of quality shoes is totally worth it. Personally, I am hard on my shoes. I’ve tried to go cheap, but I wear them out in no-time flat. If I spend more on something that is better constructed and made from nicer materials, those shoes tend to last far longer.

Our vacations are limited, we don’t get that much time off to relax, rest and enjoy life and to make those all important family memories. Splurging on vacation, be it by jetting off to Italy or staying at the Disneyland Hotel or going to a dude ranch is so worth it. If you have the money to spend that is, if so, then splurging on a vacation is a totally worthwhile way to indulge.

A House
Buying a house can be one of the best investments you can make. But it is also probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy.  If you have the down payment, the credit score to snag a good loan, and can – most importantly afford it – splurging on the security, the comfort and the pride of ownership of your own home can be the biggest and best splurge you ever made.

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