5 Things You Can Do Now If You Haven't Started Christmas Shopping Yet

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It's a pretty scene but do you want to brace the packed malls now?

I feel for you. I really do. You are where I have been for many years, waiting until the last minute to start my shopping. In fact, one of the promises I made to myself was to get my shopping done by the end of November. Of course, I didn’t do that but I can honestly say I did better than most years. As of today, I only have one more present to buy and I know exactly what it is. Holiday photo cards? Well, that’s another issue.

But like I said, I’ve been there, waiting until less than two weeks before Christmas to even start braving the shopping and silently hating on all those people that were done – wrapped, organized, and perfect. Yet despite the late start, rest assured, you can get it done.

Here are 5 tips to start and finish you holiday shopping right now!

Make a list. Whether you are on the subway on your way to work or rocking a baby at 3am, I guarantee you, it will be worth it to mentally write down every person on your list and suggested, specific gifts for each of them. For me, the stress has always been in being in a store and not knowing what in the world to actually buy.

Avoid the stores. I know you might be thinking, what- I need the gifts yesterday. The crowds and basic disgust found in stores during this time of year I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. First of all, there is little selection there. Stores run out fast now and the absolute worst thing is going store to store and not finding anything you want. I did this three years ago up and down NYC’s Fifth Avenue. I not only wasted precious time but came home empty handed. The crowds are another stressor. I was in the Manhattan Mall two weeks ago at 9am, and the lines were about 10 people deep in JC Penney. I can only imagine how they are now.

Shop online. I know you might be thinking it’s too late but there are still awesome deals and free shipping! Amazon offers free super shipping until this Thursday, December 15th. You can still get standard (but not free) shipping until Monday, December 19, which is your last day to order online and receive in time for Christmas. At Best Buy, to ensure delivery by Christmas, the deadline for standard shipping is Tuesday, December 20, at 11 a.m. ET. Toys ‘R Us offers free standard shipping until December 19 with a $49 purchase. My point is there is still time to do it all online. Just be very careful and double-check shipping dates and rates.

Comparison-shop and make Amazon your friend. Just this week, I’ve found a toy that was 10 dollars cheaper on Amazon than Toy ‘R Us and a game that was $12 dollars cheaper there than on Game Stop- same exact product in both cases plus free shipping. It was shipped out the same day and arrived at my door in two days.

Call in sick. I know it’s not always possible but if there is any way you can swing taking a personal or sick day, devoting one whole day to shopping may be all the time you need to get everything purchased. Wrapping, well that’s what Christmas Eve at 2am is for, right?

How much have you shopped online this year? What is your favorite site?

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