5 Tips For Parents Posting Pics of Newborns on Facebook

After the birth of your baby, what were some of the first things you did? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you sigh? Or did you quickly cycle through all three of those and then grab your phone and post a photo of your baby on Facebook? If you are like 77 percent of parents that responded to a poll posted by the print site Posterista, then your baby had their social media debut within an hour of being born.

While some may be cynical about this in a “can’t you put down your phone for one minute!” type of way, it’s actually a very practical way to spread the word, especially when so often family members and close friends live far away.

Back in the day, you’d have to use the hospital phone to call your friends and family to tell them the news. A social media site allows parents to make the announcement to everyone right away. But I’d like to throw in some guidelines on these “heat of the moment” shares. Here are five tips for parents on what you should and shouldn’t do when sharing the new baby photos:

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    Click through for five tips for sharing that first photo of your baby on Facebook!

  • A Clean Baby Please! 2 of 6

    Yes, childbirth is not pretty. But those babies sure are. So please, do everyone a favor and wash off your baby of all the blood and vernix before you take the photo that you plan to post on Facebook.

  • Include the Whole Family 3 of 6

    The new baby is joining a family, so include both parents and any and all siblings. It's a wonderful way to show that the baby is part of a loving home.

  • Get the Okay From Mom 4 of 6
    Woman holding her newborn baby at hospital

    Make sure the the mother, who has just been through one of the most painful or drug-induced states ever, is happy with the photo that is taken. No, you do not need a hair and makeup team on call; just make sure she gives approval before you send the photo out to the world.

  • No Placenta Pics Please 5 of 6

    The placenta is a fascinating thing. But we don't need an image like this appearing in our Facebook feeds, especially if they pop up while you're eating lunch. So if you feel the need to take images of the placenta, just keep those pics to yourself please.

  • No Fake Photos 6 of 6
    North West

    And don't be one of those, "Oh, I'm so funny!" types and post of a photo of someone else's baby and claim it as your own.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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