5 Valentine's Day Ideas if You Don't Have a Babysitter

Valentine s day 2011
Valentine's day without a sitter

If you’re like me, you don’t have a babysitter tomorrow for Valentine’s day. First of all, it’s Monday, and as the first day of the week, slightly anti-climactic. Unless you’ve planned in advance, babysitters can be hard to secure, especially for tomorrow because they have sweethearts of their own.

So without help, and with your kids in the mix, what can you do to make the day special?

Here are five ideas for Valentine’s day that don’t require any extra childcare:

1. Picnic on the floor: clear some space, light a few candles and have your meal on the floor: maybe start with a bottle of wine, cheese plate and figs, and end with a flourless chocolate cake (sure, eat something in between those two dishes too).

2. Rent and watch the first movie you ever saw together: Do you remember your first movie date? If you do, or if there’s a movie that has significance in your relationship, snuggle up with it tomorrow night.

3. Make it a double date: Okay it’s less romantic, but if your kids are around, just go with it. Invite another couple over with their little one too, make chocolate covered strawberries together, and let the kids play or watch a movie while you have adult time.

4. Sneak in a Valentine’s day lunch: if you’re busy working parents, meeting in the middle of the day to exchange flowers and gifts with your special someone could work better for you.

5. Breakfast in bed: good old fashioned breakfast in bed with a few flowers and a homemade Valentine’s day card will do the trick.

How are you planning to spend Valentine’s day — do you have a babysitter?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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