5 Ways to Make Watching the Academy Awards a Family Affair

Me with Oscar…we’re pals

Every year, I watch the Oscars. I may not have seen all the movies, I may not have cared, but still I have invested those four hours or so to watch the stars bask in the glow of the spotlight to receive their golden statuettes. Something about the pomp, the circumstance, the over the top fashions, it’s something I’d rather complain about being bored by than miss.

And speaking of bored, that’s the reaction that has been my daughter’s since her first Oscars at the very young age of 2 months. For the past five years, it has been a struggle. Although we relish in our Oscar Sundays, we have to find ways to preoccupy the wee one. And now, through a process of trial and error, we have found a balance to make the Academy Awards a family affair (until she passed out after about hour one or two that is).

Here are five ways to make the your Academy Awards a family affair.

(and yes, that is me with an Oscar, sadly, not my own).


  • Pay Close Attention to the Animation Section 1 of 5
    Pay Close Attention to the Animation Section
    The Animation section is the only list of nominees kids actually care about. This year the nominees include Cat in Paris, Chico & Rita, Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots and Rango. My kid? She's only seen one of those, but others may be more versed in the pictures up for nomination. Plus the family flick Hugo & War Horse both made the Best Picture list so there are those to root for as well.

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  • Play Dress Up 2 of 5
    Play Dress Up
    What kid doesn't like playing dress up? Have the kids dress up in costumes that perhaps could be inspired by the films up for awards. A couple plastic leis for The Descendents, maybe a baseball jersey for Moneyball , a costume from the movie (like the Kung Fu Panda above) or maybe just have the kids dress up in their Sunday best. It's always fun to get all fancy while watching all those fancy people on TV.

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  • Special Oscar Snacks 3 of 5
    Special Oscar Snacks
    Nothing makes an event more special than food. Delicious, glorious, yummy food. Babble's own Jenn Gimbel created a fabulous collection of Oscar Party Foods: Winning Dishes Inspired by the Nominees. It includes such tasty treats as Homemade Cracker Jack (inspired by Moneyball), Pineapple Upside-Down Mini Cakes (inspired by The Descendents) and Gluten-Free Spring Rolls (inspired by Kung-Fu Panda). You can check out all the recipes right here.
  • Have Your Own Family & Friends Award 4 of 5
    Have Your Own Family & Friends Award
    Create your own little award ceremony for your family. Include little trophies for Best Eater, Best Sleeper, Best Helper, or Best Dressed. Make sure that all the kids get an award, you wouldn't want any sore losers at your Oscar party.

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  • Make it a Game Out of It 5 of 5
    Make it a Game Out of It
    Make the Academy Awards a game. Have everyone choose a category from "Black dresses," "White dresses," "When mom is thanked in speech," or "When someone goes over the speech time limit." Make sure they are all different and have each person pick 3 or so categories and at the end tally up who has the most points. Also, you can get the official Oscars Bingo cards here and play along.

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