5 Ways To Thank Your Childs Teacher

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A caring teacher is priceless.

With the school year wrapping up, many moms are looking for a way to show gratitude to their child’s teacher. My son’s school takes up a collection and the class mom buys a gift from all the collected money. While I do like to participate in that and I think it’s great because it takes the pressure off busy moms who don’t have time to find a personalized gift, I also like to do something extra.

My kids have been extremely fortunate in the teachers they have had. Every time I hear of another teacher in the news for doing something horrific, I just cringe , and then I thank my lucky stars that my kids have such wonderful educators who help mold their minds.

Let’s face it. When you drop your child off at their classroom, you don’t really know what happens when you’re not around. You might get filled in after the fact by your child, but more often than not, leaving your child in the care of another adult is a leap of faith.

Teachers are not just there to teach ABCs and 123s. They do a million countless things everyday that never get recognized. My son’s teacher has been incredibly supportive of his lacking organizational skills all year long. Every time he forgot something at home or at school, she found a way to work around what was missing while also teaching him the importance of being organized. On the personal side, she helped him get back on track when he was sick over a very long winter with recurrent sinus infections, offered tissues, let him drink water during class….small things in the course of a year but insurmountable to the sick child who still feels unwell but has a mountain of work to get done.

Teachers help children in countless ways each day, and it’s important that we recognize that. Here are some small ways to thank your child’s teacher this year:

  • Bookstore Gift-card 1 of 5
    Bookstore Gift-card
    What teacher doesn't like books or need more? Odds are that a bookstore gift-card would be like giving your child's teacher the keys to a candy store. (It would be for me too!) I don't think I could ever get sick of browsing the bookstore aisles. Image: MorgueFile
  • No Mug 2 of 5
    No Mug
    By the time a teacher has completed teacher training and field visits, they probably already have more than enough mugs that say #1 Teacher on them. Image: MorgueFile
  • Gift-card for school supply store 3 of 5
    Gift-card for school supply store
    All the teachers I have ever known could use more school supplies, and way too many pay for them out of their own pocket throughout the year. This gift is a no fail. Image: MorgueFile
  • Something They Personally Love 4 of 5
    Something They Personally Love
    Two years ago my daughter's teacher had a fascination for frogs. She had frog pictures, statues, earrings…you get the picture. So at the end of the year my daughter picked out an especially beautiful porcelain frog for her collection. One year another teacher was obsessed with the NY Jets and we bought him a Jets souvenir. If you know for a fact that your child's teacher loves a particular thing, go with it. Image: MorgueFile
  • A Handwritten Letter 5 of 5
    A Handwritten Letter
    You don't have to buy anything to let a teacher know how much they are appreciated. A simple letter telling them why this year was a successful experience for your child means way more than a store bought gift. And a copy of that letter sent directly to the principal is a nice touch too. Teachers make a school and principals should know when a teacher does an outstanding job. Hearing it straight from the parents always helps! Image: MorgueFile

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