5 Year Old's Interpretation of Brand Logos: A Kid's View (Video)

5 year old identifies brand logos
Get a 5 year old's perspective on brand logos

Brand logos are designed to be easily identifiable, but maybe not so much to the average kid.

Take this 5 year old girl, who gives her interpretation of a lot of high profile logos how many does she get right?

A few, she knows well Disney, McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, Nike.

Others aren’t so easily identifiable, but it’s fun to see what branding means to kids on their first impression.

Graphic and identity designer Adam Ladd made a fun experiment of the brand logos, asking his 5 year old daughter what she thought of each.

She’s pretty adorable (I’m getting a Marcel the Shell vibe), but some of her answers are pretty funny too she calls the Greyhound, Puma, and Jaguar logos all cheetahs, and identifies the NBC logo as a “turkey that’s very colorful.”

The Olympics logo looks like “baby toys.” Love it.

Via Brand New

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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