50 Ugliest Baby Names According to Twitter Trend Topic #UglyBabyNames

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Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this doesn’t just go for things you experience by sight. It also goes for sounds, and one thing people are very opinionated about are names—especially baby names.

Baby names are far easier to judge than an adult’s name since a newborn’s name is just so, well, new. And some names would be fine for a 43-year-old lawyer (like Howard or Clarence) but not for a cute and cuddly infant. Then there are those graveyard names that have been almost completely retired and were not part of the old-school name resurgence (like Bertha or Gertrude).

Oodles of Twitter users shared what they thought was the ugliest name in the Twitter Trending topic #uglybabynames. So what made the list? Check out 50 of them right here:

  1. Alan
  2. Arthur
  3. Barry
  4. Bertha
  5. Betty
  6. Beverly
  7. Billy
  8. Blue ivy
  9. Bruce
  10. Chauncey
  11. Cheryl
  12. Clarence
  13. Dolores
  14. Dorcas
  15. Dreshawn
  16. Edna
  17. Edward
  18. Elmer
  19. Gene
  20. Gertrude
  21. Gretel
  22. Gunther
  23. Gus
  24. Gwen
  25. Helga
  26. Howard
  27. Jomiesha
  28. La-a (Ladasha)…the dash isn’t silent.
  29. Luther
  30. Marty
  31. Mort
  32. Myrtle
  33. Nevaeh
  34. Nigel
  35. Percy
  36. Phillip
  37. Phyllis
  38. Quanisha
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  39. Ronald
  40. Rosie
  41. Sally
  42. Sausagea
  43. Shaquetta
  44. Shaneekwa
  45. Stuart
  46. Sue
  47. Tyquasia
  48. Uvula
  49. Virgina
  50. Ya’Tonya
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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