6 Clothing Staples We Always Buy At Target

Is my kid out of socks that match? Let’s go to Target. Did she already outgrow her undies? Let’s go to Target. Did all the glitter come off the toes of her metallic gold flats? Let’s go to Target.

As you may have guessed by now, we go to Target a whole lot. There are certain staples that we rely on the superstore to provide and for good reason. Target is reliable, affordable and they always have what we need in stock. Plus there is the added bonus of a little extra flair on the items, so kids, like mine, actually get excited about things like underwear (our 6-year-old loves her Hello Kitty panties).

Here are 6 things we always pick up at Target for our little girl:

  • Underwear 1 of 6
    Target's underwear lines for girls is a perfect marriage between practicality and pretty. I just wish they made those Smurfs undies in my size! Their sets are on trend, affordable and adorable.
    Above: Fruit Of The Loom® Girls 7-Pack Smurf Briefs - $9.99

    Photo Source: Target
  • Sock 2 of 6
    Apparently, we have a gremlin that lives in our home that will steal our socks. That is the only conclusion to our constant pleas of, "where is that other sock!?!" We feel almost as if it is our destiny to keep the sock industry going strong with our need to restock far more often than most.
    Above: Xhila BG Dot 7pk Socks Grey $6.99
    Photo Source: Target
  • Glitter Shoes 3 of 6
    Glitter Shoes
    My daughter has a deep and undying love for sparkly shoes and she will wear them until the very last piece of glitter has worn off. But that's totally fine with us because these sparkly festive footwear are totally affordable. They may look fancy but they aren't just for tea parties, they are for anytime and anywhere.
    Above: Cherokee® Ferris Ballet - $15.99 (online price)
    Photo Source: Target
  • Leggings 4 of 6
    My daughter lives in leggings. The thing is, she plays hard and I mean really hard. She climbs, skips, falls, runs, races and ends up covered in dirt, scraps and is often proud of the great big new hole she made in her leggings. But that's okay. Target's leggings are so inexpensive, and come in such a variety, that not only is it a-okay that she destroys them but that she is in style while she is in the process of doing so. Above: Circo® Girls' Leggings $6 - $7
    Photo Source: Target
  • Ballet Gear 5 of 6
    Ballet Gear
    For a while we had a tradition of going for hot cocoa after ballet class. Ultimately the dark drink would be spilled on my daughter's perfectly pink and once pristine leotard. Doing laundry and attacking stains is not my forte, so the stains would set and she'd have one very messy looking ballet outfit. But only for a week or so, I'd just have to go to Target and pick up another one. I should mention, the cocoa tradition has since stopped, so now the leotards are proving how durable they really are.
    Above: Girls' Danz N Motion® by Danshuz® Camisole Leotard with Standard Back $19.99
    Photo Source: Target
  • Fun Signature Pieces 6 of 6
    Fun Signature Pieces
    And last but not least, we always pick up trendy signature pieces for her at Target from their eclectic, funky and fun offerings. Their Harajuku Mini line, D-Signed and Disney Artist lines offer fresh, fashionable and very affordable pieces that look far more expensive than their low price point. We can afford her to always be in style.
    Above: Harajuku Mini for Target® Girls' Houndstooth Cardigan - $19.99
    Photo Source: Target
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