6 Internet Trends to Skip and 6 to Keep Doing

Look, people. Just because you see something on the Internet doesn’t mean you have to do it. I know that seems obvious, but apparently someone needs to say it.

On the other hand, there are some hilarious and awesome trends–some new and some still going strong–that are just plain awesome.

Here are 6 memes to skip, and 6 I’d love to see keep going.



  • You Can Skip: The Cinnamon Challenge 1 of 12
    You Can Skip: The Cinnamon Challenge
    The Cinnamon Challenge is a viral video thing where the idea is to eat a spoonful of powdered cinnamon, and ideally, cough it up in a cloud of humiliation for YouTube. I know: hilarious.

    Except that accidentally inhaling the cinnamon can collapse your lungs. (Less hilarious.) The Wall Street Journal has reported that a high school student spent 4-1/2 days in the hospital after trying the cinnamon challenge. The Food and Drug Administration has stated, "it is an obvious choking hazard and there is a risk of inhaling the dust. This certainly is not advisable."

    So this is definitely one of those things where just because it's on the Internet, doesn't mean you need to do it. Especially, perhaps, if you're a governor. Shown here is Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, taking the cinnamon challenge on a radio talk show.
    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • You Can Skip: Bento Lunches and Other Insanely Cute Food 2 of 12
    You Can Skip: Bento Lunches and Other Insanely Cute Food
    Seriously, is this even a real thing? I'm pretty sure this is one of those trends that's only a trend in style magazines and on Pinterest. In real life (by which I mean my kids' elementary school), it's still PB&J sandwiches and a juice box.

    If you are making Bento lunches or any other time-intensive hyper-adorable lunches for your kids, congratulations on being far more functional in the morning than I am. Also, f**k you for making me look bad.
    (Photo Credit: Flickr)
  • You Can Skip: Haul Videos 3 of 12
    You Can Skip: Haul Videos
    Oh yes, this is exactly how consumerist our society has become. On YouTube, people are posting videos of all the crap they buy. Here's how it works: people take their trips to the grocery store (or the mall, or Target) and then come home and video themselves talking about the stuff they bought. The most inexplicable part is that people watch these videos. A LOT of people.

    The screen cap shown here is from a YouTube video in which a young woman shows off all her stuff and explains why she bought it.

    "I bought this because I was almost out of contact lens solution." Riveting. And yet it's been viewed over over 721,000 times.

    I'm baffled as to why anyone cares that this chick bought contact lens solution, let alone why she bought it.
    (Photo Credit: YouTube)
  • You Can Skip: Throwing a Party to Celebrate Your Daughter’s First Period 4 of 12
    You Can Skip: Throwing a Party to Celebrate Your Daughter's  First Period
    Throwing a "menarche party" to celebrate your daughter's first period? This definitely qualifies as a trend that's not really a trend. I have twin girls that are both turning eleven next month, and as far as I'm aware, nobody's throwing parties to celebrate their daughters starting to menstruate. Also, with four kids, I spend plenty of time at Party City and looking at the Oriental Trading catalog, and nobody's hawking tampon-themed cake toppers.
    Please note that I am not embarrassed by or ashamed of menstruating. I just don't think that normal bodily functions require a sheet cake to serve 18.
    Plus, I have three girls and a boy, and we all know that nobody likes to feel left out. Am I supposed to throw a party when my son hits puberty and starts producing his own, um, bodily functions?

    How about I'll just teach them all to do their own wash, and call it a day.
    (Photo Credit: iStock)
  • You Can Skip: Wasting Time on Pinterest and Then Complaining You Have No Time 5 of 12
    You Can Skip: Wasting Time on Pinterest and Then Complaining You Have No Time
    Pinterest is a vast land of impeccably-adorned rooms and perfectly-decorated cupcakes, none of which I am capable of replicating. Oh, and those damn Hello Kitty bento boxes.

    Here's the thing about Pinterest: it's a bigger time-suck than Facebook, and that's certainly saying something. So if you want to spend your Sunday afternoon pinning, and then suddenly realize it's 4 in the morning, please don't complain that you never have time to get anything done.
    (Photo Credit: iStock)
  • You Can Skip: ‘In-Bread’ Cats 6 of 12
    You Can Skip: 'In-Bread' Cats
    Breading cats, also known as "putting bread on your cat so it looks like a walking sandwich," is popular enough that a Facebook page dedicated to this activity has over 22,000 likes. While it's not animal abuse, I'm guessing the cats don't really like it. More importantly, my children can never see this because we already go through like a loaf of bread a day here as it is.
    (Photo Credit: iStock)
  • Keep Doing: Breading Your Gremlins 7 of 12
    Keep Doing: Breading Your Gremlins
    On the other hand, if your pet is actually a gremlin, you may want to go ahead and put bread on its head to distract it while you escape. Note: never after midnight.
    (Photo Credit: Facebook)
  • Keep Doing: Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ Pics 8 of 12
    Keep Doing: Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl' Pics
    Um, nope, still hasn't gotten old for me. Especially with new versions of the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme popping up for all different kinds of moms.

    One of my favorite uses is blogger Sunday Stilwell's weekly blog link-up of Hey Girl for Special Needs Moms, which lets everyone join in the fun.
    (Photo Credit: Extreme Parenthood)
  • Keep Doing: Funny Facebook Timeline Covers 9 of 12
    Keep Doing: Funny Facebook Timeline Covers
    Facebook Timeline may be annoying, but the potential for funny cover photos is awesome. There are a bunch of apps out there to help you make one; iTunes has one for free.
    (Photo Credit: We Know Memes)
  • Keep Doing: ‘Demotivational Posters’ 10 of 12
    Keep Doing: 'Demotivational Posters'
    In the office where I used to work, we actually had motivational posters about team work and success and whatnot. I don't think they motivated anyone very much, which is why Demotivational Posters are so funny.
    (Photo Credit: Rebekah Kuschmider for Being Pregnant)
  • Keep Doing: ‘Demotivational Posters’ … With Babies 11 of 12
    Keep Doing: 'Demotivational Posters' ... With Babies
    Because if I can get my funny and my squee in one shot, it's even better.
    (Photo Credit: Very Demotivational
  • Keep Doing: First World Problems for Moms 12 of 12
    Keep Doing: First World Problems for Moms
    Nothing like a little First World Problem Meme to keep things in perspective when we're stressed out. This meme has been all over the place, but my fave collection is the one for moms at Rants from Mommyland.
    (Photo Credit: Mommyshorts for Rants from Mommyland)

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