6-Month-Old Walks Before He Can Crawl [Video]

xavier-king-7-months-pic-walkingWith Xavier King’s first steps, he rendered useless his parents’ milestone charts and general expectations of when and how he’d develop as a baby.

At the young, young age of six-months, the little guy in Cambridge, England, took his first steps. Now, at the ripe age of seven months old — and before he could even properly crawl — Xavier regularly walks across the room.

As most of us parents know, the baby-to-toddler transition comes sometime after the first birthday. Xavier cut that time in half and then some. Now his parents, Mary, 30, and dad David King, 27, are scrambling to baby proof their home. They’ve also had to get a playpen for the kid well before they expected to.

Xavier’s walking wasn’t the first sign of this boy’s physical precociousness. He could sit up at three months old, about the time most babies are mastering the art of rolling over from back to front (or is it front to back?).

The woman who watches my son had an early walker. In fact, she seemed to pity me when I shook my head, “no, no my 10-month-old isn’t walking yet.” Her daughter, now 4, walked at 8 months.

I can’t even imagine a baby walking — or talking for that matter. Anybody out there have one of these early walkers (or talkers)? What’s it like? Do other people hate you? Pity you? Think your kid is freaky?

And while we don’t have footage of little Xavier, it turns out he’s not alone in putting one foot in front of the other before tasting his first solids. Here’s a YouTube video of six-month-old Elijah, another toddling pre-toddler.

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