6 of the Most Popular Date Foods and Drinks Revealed!

You’ve finally arranged for a date night. Now your next decision? What to eat. The kind of food that you end up having will vary on a lot of things, what you are in the mood for, how much money you want to spend, and possibly where you live.

This month Esquire featured How About We’s project referred to as “One Million Dates.” Some of the cities featured on the map are known, as “the biggest dating cities” and depending on the city, daters are more likely to eat or drink certain foods.

While the “One Million Dates” project looks at the “dating habits of singles,” whether you are dating someone new or dating your spouse it is still fun to see what types of foods are most popular from city to city.

What’s your preference — breakfast or dinner, coffee or dessert? Depending on the place, what you choose may vary. We’ve rounded up 6 foods and drinks you are likely to have on your next date night ranging from major cities including San Francisco, St. Louis, and Denver. Take a look and leave a comment telling us what food is a popular date food in your city.




  • Brunch 1 of 6
    Not quite a morning person but prefer the menu options available during the earlier portion of your day? San Francisco is the city where brunch dates are popular.
  • Food Trucks 2 of 6
    Food Trucks
    Food Trucks have taken the nation by storm and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, if you love them consider heading to Austin where food truck dates "account for 1 in 5 dates," occurring more often than in any other city.
  • Tacos 3 of 6
    If you live in St. Louis you're three times more likely to go out for tacos.
  • Cupcakes 4 of 6
    If you are a guy or girl with a sweet tooth living in D.C. a cupcake date isn't farfetched. Cupcakes are the food of choice for 1 in 7 dates in Washington D.C.
  • Wine 5 of 6
    If you plan on heading out for drinks and wine is your drink of choice then Denver just might be the city for you. "Almost 7 in 10 drinking dates in Denver suggest having a glass of wine."
  • Tea 6 of 6
    While coffee dates are very common across the US in Pittsburg tea is the preferred drink. "Tea dates outnumber coffee dates" and it's the only city where this is the case.


Read more on Esquire. Do you agree with the picks?

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