7 Things Moms Should Never Post on Facebook

I mostly use Facebook as a way to reconnect with old friends and to keep in touch with new ones. But, as a mom, I occasionally post status updates about my kids. I’ve shared photos of my daughters on vacation and on their first day of school, but, in general, I refrain from hogging the newsfeed with updates about my kids. While I enjoy seeing pictures of my friends’ kids and hearing what they’re up to, I don’t need to hear what they’re doing every single minute of the day. In fact, I can’t stand when moms only post updates about their kids and tell us way more information than we need to know.

Here is my highly subjective list of 7 Things Moms Should Never Post on Facebook:

  • Laundry 1 of 7
    Updates on your spin cycle are about as interesting as Farmville alerting us that you've planted 10 new crops of tomatoes. If you've spent all day during laundry, we're impressed (and sympathetic!), but don't want to read about it. (Except for the day you accidentally turn all your clothes pink or fill the basement with soap suds — now THAT'S a story we want to hear.)
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  • Diaper Blow-outs 2 of 7
    Diaper Blow-outs
    They're explosive and stinky — and nobody likes dealing with them. You can understand that we don't want to read about them, can't you? And we definitely don't want to see photos of them — although this is one case where we're glad Facebook isn't equipped with a Scratch 'n Sniff option.
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  • Snotty Noses 3 of 7
    Snotty Noses
    You wouldn't save your kids' dirty tissues (uh, right?), so why post them on Facebook? It's okay to let us know that your kids are sick (of course, we care!), but don't feel the need to tell us the gruesome snotty, barfy details. Please keep those to yourself ... or at least call us on the phone!
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  • Potty Training 4 of 7
    Potty Training
    Hooray! I'm so excited for you that little Johnny is finally learning to poop on the potty. But please, don't tell us every time he goes #1 or #2.
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  • What You’re Eating (Or Not) 5 of 7
    What You're Eating (Or Not)
    You're on a new diet. You are off your new diet. You're snacking on Dorito's. Whether you're a mom or not, nobody needs to know your caloric intake or how much you exercised this morning. (Plus, it's making snacking on these Girl Scout cookies that much harder!)
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  • Your Kid’s Love Life 6 of 7
    Your Kid's Love Life
    It's great that your daughter has met the hunk of her dreams. But there's a good chance she doesn't want her mom blabbing all about her budding romance on Facebook. So please be discrete — and let her spill the juicy details herself!
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  • Your Kid’s Grades 7 of 7
    Your Kid's Grades
    It's tempting to share the good news that little Jane aced her 3rd grade math test. But don't: we can smell that humble brag from a mile away. But go ahead and post when Jane gets into Harvard!
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Does it drive you crazy when moms post TMI on Facebook? Or do you think anything’s game when it comes to Facebook?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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