66 Percent of Us are Nomophobic

Ever misplace your cell phone, realize it, and then have panic surge through your body? Yeah, me too. It’s not because I have naked pictures of myself on my phone (whew!), or because my bank account is only an app away; it’s because I have this ungodly fear of being without cell phone contact. There’s a name for this fear: Nomophobia.

NBC Nightly News reports that a UK study conducted found that 66% of 1,000 respondents polled reported being nomophobic; up 13% from those polled four years ago. The study also suggested that 18-24 year olds were the most likely to be nomophobic and that women were more likely to suffer from this condition than men.What is it exactly about the cell phone? Is it our connection to our contacts or our Twitter army? Maybe it’s a little of both and so much more. I use my phone for everything from social networking, to bank transfers, to food tracking, to yes, even phone calls. My phone never, ever leaves my side as it’s my connection to everything I know and hold dear. Wow, that sounded a little sad.

If you find yourself muddling through your day with a cell phone affixed to your hand, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve gotten so used to instant connection with friends and resources that the moment we’re without connectivity, we’re actually forced to modify our way of thinking. How crazy is that? 

What a strange and wonderful time we’re living in friends. 

Could you moderate your cell phone usage? Would you want to?

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