7 Apps That Can Help Facilitate a Stronger Relationship

Trying to improve your relationship with your partner? Well, there’s an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are several. Oftentimes our phones are seen as a distraction in our lives preventing us from truly engaging with our loved ones. Rather than spending time with the people around us we are consumed with what is taking place within the context of our cellular data plans. Ever ignore your spouse because you are too busy texting, checking your Twitter feed or refreshing your email trying to see if you’ve won that blog giveaway? Not ready to give up quality time with your iPhone? Then consider using it to bring you and your spouse closer together. Here are seven apps that can actually help your relationship after the jump!




  • Love Map 1 of 7
    Love Map
    My husband and I know each other very well but ever so often we learn something new about one another often further deepening our connection. Marriage gurus
    John Gottman and Julie Gottman, well known for their work on marital stability, have several relationship apps, one of them being the Love Map. According to the Gottmans whether or not couples allocate "cognitive room" for their relationship and their partner's world is a strong indicator of their marital stability. The app consists of 87 questions that address your partner's history, concerns and preferences in order to help you develop a love map for them. Available at the
    App Store for $1.99.
  • Pair 2 of 7
    Does your love go the distance?
    Huffington Post shared several apps for long distance lovers including Pair, an app that helps couples stay in touch. This app can also be great for spouses who travel a lot for work. Pair allows you to share videos, voice recordings and even sketches with your loved ones. Looking to show your partner a little affection? A feature called the "thumb kiss" puts eskimo kisses to shame. Touch the screen and your partner will be able to see where you are touching it from their phone and touch it too. The end result — a simultaneous vibration indicating you've been thumbed kissed.

    Save your money for a plane ticket to visit your significant other. This app is free. Available at the
    App Store.
  • Avocado 3 of 7
    Ever send your honey to the grocery store and they come home with everything except for what you asked for? Avoid the post grocery store fall out and next time make a list using Avocado. The Avocado app features "shared" lists accessible to both you and your partner, significantly decreasing the likelihood that they'll forget to pick up the carton of eggs you requested next time they go to the store. Later on you can tweet a photo of what the two of you made for dinner with your groceries using a feature that allows you to share photos via twitter as a couple. Available at the
    App Store for free.
  • My Love 4 of 7
    My Love
    You remember the day you first kissed and the first time your spouse said I love you. Dates are important to you and you can recall all of them. If it annoys you that your partner draws a blank when asked how long the two of you have been together or can't seem to remember the exact date of your anniversary then My Love is the app for them. The My Love app is simple, it's a calculator that shows you just how many days, months and years the two of you have been an item. Whether you want to celebrate your 60 month anniversary or your 10 year anniversary this app will ensure that you know when exactly that will be. Available at the
    App Store for free.
  • My Marriage Coach 5 of 7
    My Marriage Coach
    Need some advice on the go? My Marriage Coach, facilitated by love guru
    Dr. Jackie Black , gives tips on how to improve your relationship whether it be by reducing conflict or becoming closer to your spouse. Filled with articles, pod casts from relationship experts, video clips and self-assessments, My Marriage Coach is described as a "quick reference guide" designed to help you "live your best life with the love of your life". Unlike therapy sessions this app is free. Available at the
    App Store.
  • Love Quotes Pro 6 of 7
    Love Quotes Pro
    If you find yourself lost for the right words to express your undying love and devotion for your spouse consider Love Quotes Pro. Love Quotes Pro contains numerous love quotes that may inspire you to say or write how you feel. Containing over 1,000 quotes you can receive daily notifications or even make a list of your favorites. Available at
    App Store.
  • wikiHows Love Survival Kit 7 of 7
    wikiHows Love Survival Kit
    Singer Jordin Sparks asked why love always has to feel like a battlefield. Fortunately you can survive this thing and possibly with the help of wikiHow's Love Survival Kit app. Not only does it offer relationship advice and daily how-to topics ranging from how to handle rejection to overcoming short-term memory loss, but it also offers kissing techniques and ideas on how to add some romance to your relationship. So get inspired to make love and not war for free. Available at the
    App Store.


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