7 Classic Boy Names That Are All the Rage This Second

My parents considered two names on the list you’re about to see before going with Henry.

Forget Mason, Jayden, Madison and Ava. The classics are making an epic comeback.

I, for one, love what I call “old lady names” (here are the 7 hottest old lady  names around) and I love me a good, old-fashioned boy name as well. I didn’t name my son Henry for nothin’.

It isn’t just the old lady names that are all the rage. As Namberry’s Linda Rosencrantz writes for Huffington Post, classic names are just as hot for boys as they are for girls.

But they aren’t the traditional classics like William (the most popular boy name of all-time, by the way) and James, nor are they what Rosencrantz calls “fussy Victorian vestiges like Clarence and Elmer”. The classic boy names that are hot right this second go waaay further back in time…

Those listed below are all on the list of fastest-rising boys’ names this year. Check it out.

Abraham – Abraham and many offshoots like Abel and Abram rose 56 points this year.

Arthur – This name is apparently making the greatest leap in popularity, moving up fifty spots to Number 52 last year.

Emmett – Emmett is also shooting up the charts but someone tells me this is associated with that Twilight franchise (which I still haven’t seen) so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by its rising popularity. I love names like this though, that are cute for a little baby and perfect for an old guy and everything in between.

Ezra– As Rosencrantz writes, this name is “another previously neglected Old Testament name that’s neglected no longer. Several elements are contributing to its success, including that zippy middle letter z.” Who doesn’t love a name with a jazzy z or a sassy x smack in the middle? I’m actually drawn to boys’ names with the letter x.

Silas – My husband spent a couple weeks trying to convince me that this name (and the title of one of his favorite books: Silas Marner) would be perfect for our son. Apparently more and more people agree with him. Silas climbed 36 places this year, bringing it into the Top 200.

Theodore – With this year’s 30-place jump, Theodore is more popular than it’s been in a quarter of a century.

Maximus – This was also a name that was a finalist for us when trying to decide what to call our son because its bad assness is unparallelled. Ultimately it felt a little pretentious and we decided not to go with Max either because it’s the name of our dog. Kind of weird naming your baby your dog’s name, right? According to Rosencrantz, Maximus “rose 22 places last year to Number 212. An even greater leap was taken by cousin Maximiliano, the third biggest climber on the boys’ list.”

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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