7 Fun Ways to Give Your Kids Underwear as a Gift

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How to spruce up those bare necessities.

Do you give your kids underwear as a gift? I mean, you do, right? (I do!) Undies can be a great and exciting gift for a child who is potty training, but maybe not so much for an older child. Yet we all resort at some point to giving basic necessities as a holiday or birthday gift because money is tight or because it’s convenient or because we’re delusional and we think kids will actually think getting those cute new undies from Target as a present is cool. Chances are though, our kids are probably just being nice when they thank us for these necessities as heartily as they do the toys we bestow on them. So I’ve come up with some cute and clever ways to slip those undies into a gift package that will make giving them a lot more fun for both you and your kid. Let me know what you think!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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