7 Holiday No No’s

The holidays are quickly approaching! While there is so much to say “yes” to this season — yes to pumpkin pie, yes to a second helping of mac and cheese and other starchy goodness, and yes to Thanksgiving and Christmas sales there are a few things we should be saying “no” to as well. And for the record, in my opinion, dessert is not one of them! Keep reading for 7 holiday no no’s for you and your significant other after the jump!







  • Kissing Santa 1 of 7
    Kissing Santa
    Unless you happen to be Mrs. Claus, mistletoe or not, your children should not catch their "mommy kissing Santa Claus" this Christmas.
  • Spoiler Alert 2 of 7
    Spoiler Alert
    I know you are excited. This year you finally found the perfect gift. But don't tell the receiver of your gift what you got them before they can even unwrap it because that's no fun.
  • Start an Argument with Spouse 3 of 7
    Start an Argument with Spouse
    You're pissed. I get it. You had to get the kids ready, make the macaroni and cheese, and bake two pies from scratch. You didn't get a chance to change into a shirt that doesn't have spit up on it. Your husband; however, is freshly shaven and he actually got to shower before you left. When he asks you how you managed to forget the pies back at home resist the urge to let him have it. For now at least.
  • Making out Underneath the Mistletoe 4 of 7
    Making out Underneath the Mistletoe
    You're feeling festive and perhaps a little frisky too. But please don't get carried away in front of the rest of the family. Stick to hugs and sweet pecks while you're with company.
  • Using Someone Else’s Bed for Activities Other Than Sleep 5 of 7
    Using Someone Else's Bed for Activities Other Than Sleep
    If you are going to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving, then spend time with her. Don't leave her with the kids and sneak off with your partner for a little adult fun. Now is not the time to dabble with spontaneity save the loving for when you get home.
  • Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry 6 of 7
    Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry
    People tend to get very emotional during the holidays. Over dinner is not the time to come clean about all your wrongs throughout the year. It just makes things uncomfortable and awkward for everyone else around you. You want to make things right, that's understandable. Just remember there is a time and a place (hopefully without an audience of hungry little ones).
  • Over-sharing 7 of 7
    I'm guilty of sharing too much sometimes. Remember to be mindful of what you are sharing. Many of us may be accustomed to being embarrassed in front of loved ones and even close friends but not necessarily our co-workers or our boss. Does your husband really want his co-workers to know that you recently discovered that both he and the baby drool in their sleep? Probably not.


Any other holiday no no’s you can think of?


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