7 Most Bizarre Halloween Handouts

Any Trick -or- Treater knows the drill. You walk up to the discouragingly dark house and knock on the door. After a painfully long pause the door opens revealing either an old woman who didn’t realize it’s Halloween or the middle aged couple who turned out every light in the hopes no one would knock. But now you’ve got them cornered, you little ghoul, with your goodie bag outstretched.  You’ve forced confused grandma or the antisocial neighbors to improvise. And this is what happens:

Bad Goodie #1 condiments

What kid doesn’t want a fistful of soy sauce packets from take out for Halloween? Let’s hope the next house has fried dumplings.

Bad Goodie #2 Dog Food

Hey, a doggie buscuit looks like a cookie, right?

Bad Goodie #3 Religious Literature

Happy Halloween, here’s why you’re going to hell, you little pagaen.

Bad Goodie #4 Random Food

From raw onions to frozen dinners, this is the most desperate kind of handout.

Bad Goodie #5 Toiletries

Somebody been steeling the little soiaps and shampoos from hotels, hmmm?

Bad Goodie #6 Odds and Ends

Batteries, paperclips, AOL software CDs. Pretty much the entire contents of the home owners junk drawer.

Bad Goodie #7 Super Inappropriate Items

Yes, some people hand out fireworks and beer. Happy Halloween you drunk, no-fingered tot!

Source: Reader’s Digest

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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