7 Social Media Stories For The New Year

It’s a new year, and as we return to “normal” (at least, those of us lucky enough to have our kids back in school, ahem) it’s time to start thinking about refreshing our social media and biz knowledge for 2013.

Some good and interesting stuff is happening that you might have missed while spending time offline and with your families for the holiday seasons. I’ve gathered up the most interesting stories I’ve found everything from Twitter to taxes and put them together with some great resources for getting caught up.

Ready? Let’s do this thing.





  • Facebook Still Leads In Engagement 1 of 7
    Facebook Still Leads In Engagement
    Yep, even with the immensely frustrating changes to Edgerank, Facebook still is the leading site for engagement for brands, even though Twitter often sees more activity. Check out this report from Spredfast to learn more.
  • Google Forcing You To Use Google+ 2 of 7
    Google Forcing You To Use Google+
    Do you have a google account? Gmail? YouTube? Then you have a Google+ profile, and it is posting on your behalf. Yep, if you click a star on a Google listing for that restaurant you just enjoyed, it's posting to the profile you might have known you have. I was surprised to discover that I had more than one page because one of my clients used Google Apps for email and file management. Interestingly, the reason for this is that Google is trying to move away from the anonymous internet so that they can have what they need most your data.
  • Change How You Use Twitter 3 of 7
    Change How You Use Twitter
    I found article from Amber Naslund utterly fascinating. She unfollowed 34,000 followers on Twitter and instead moved the folks she was interested in following into lists where she can keep up with them but NOT allow them DM access. In other words, she wanted to control who had that instant access to her. She brings up an excellent point when she says, "a Twitter follow is not a validation of your worth as a human, nor is it a stamp of approval from someone online that you're awesome or not."

    For more, you might want to also read her great article on the the fallacy of social media reciprocation.
  • New Social Network: Social Number 4 of 7
    New Social Network: Social Number
    I'm not the biggest fan of the anonymous internet, having felt its sting more than once in my blogging career. But if you are interested in that sort of thing, you can now sign up for a profile at Social Number, a new site that only assigns you a number and not a name. Let the vehemence begin!
  • Refresh Your SEO Knowledge 5 of 7
    Refresh Your SEO Knowledge
    Did you know that Google adjusts its algorithm every single day? Yes, really. If you want to keep track, SEOMoz has a great list of each change made.

    Optimizing your content with relevant keywords is still a great way to boost traffic. Remind yourself of how to do keyword research and why it's important.
  • Taxes, Post 6 of 7
    Taxes, Post
    Yep, the changes in the tax laws that created the ridiculousness in Washington this last few days might impact you. It could be some good news; some changes will put money back into your pockets, but some changes aren't so friendly for the self-employed. Educate yourself.
  • YouTube’s Slick New Design 7 of 7
    YouTube's Slick New Design
    So, YouTube has gone the way of a nicer layout with more white space. Why do you care? Because if you utilize YouTube in your messaging, video titles are now listed BELOW the video instead of above, making that thumbnail image you choose crucial. Be sure to check it out.


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