7 Things "Good Parents" Do (That Screw Kids Up for Life)

Most of us believe parenting is an intuitive thing. So why is it the most well-meaning efforts of parents are royally warping kids everywhere? Right now, you are psychologically destroying your child by teaching them value of individuality.

At least, that’s the position of Cracked writer Cezary Jan Strusiewicz. And before you dismiss Ceazry’s work as some comedian’s hack job, notice he backed every assertion with actuall scientific research. So sit back and discover why praising your kids, teaching them to be themselves and warning them about strangers is only preparing your kids for a life as an anti-social super villain.

Starting their Education Early

According to Cezary:

“We hope you didn’t have any plans to remodel your basement, because your kid will be living there for a very long time. A study by the National Foundation for Educational Research in the UK has concluded that children who start schooling before the age of six are more likely to drop out from higher education facilities, smoke weed and play guitar badly.

Researchers say sending kids to school before they’ve developed even the basic little-kid skills of a six-year-old can cause them to suffer from anxiety attacks and develop low self-esteem issues, giving them a bad attitude about the whole “going to school” thing that follows them throughout their education.”

Teaching Them to Avoid Peer Pressure

According to Cezary:

“Remember that smelly kid in school, who never washed his hair, had no friends and once pissed in the sink at that party he wasn’t invited to? That’s your kid, without peer pressure. A study conducted at the University of Virginia showed that kids who were exposed to peer pressure around the ages of 12 and 13 turned out to be way more well-adjusted than the ones who weren’t. They better understood the need to accommodate and make compromises when confronted with social pressure, rather than the “I’ll just take my ball and go home” attitude they adopt otherwise.

The kids who were taught to be themselves no matter what didn’t become walking clones of James Dean. They actually turned out less engaged, socially challenged and statistically less intelligent, their GPAs dropping almost an entire letter grade.”

Warning Them About Strangers

According to Cezary:

“As it turns out, an overblown emphasis on “Stranger Danger” can apparently transform your children into xenophobic bigots, at least that’s what professor Sue Scott from the University of Durham is saying. According to Scott, children should certainly be taught to be cautious of strangers, but what most parents are teaching their kids today causes children worldwide to freak out at the mere sight of anything out of the ordinary.”

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