7 Things Women Want in Bed


Just about every sexist cliche will tell you that women are hard to please, both in and out of the bedroom. It’s not that women are hard to please; it’s that women know what they want.

Unfortunately, not every woman feels entirely comfortable expressing her sexual desires. Some women fear judgment, others are more guarded, and still others are asking in less obvious ways that often go unnoticed.

In researching the qualities women desire in a lover, we found that women are hardly asking for the impossible. Take a look at the 7 things women want in bed – after the jump!

  • Be passionate! 1 of 7
    Sure, there's a time and a place for romance and gentle lovemaking, but what your woman really craves is raw passion. Want her. Take her. Kiss her hard. Make no apologies for how desperately you need all of her.
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  • To be heard 2 of 7
    Make no mistake, women know exactly what they like in bed. Be the kind of sexual partner who will eagerly respond to her guidance on how best to please her. Just know that your efforts will be rewarded and then some.
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  • Show your pleasure 3 of 7
    Allow your facial expressions, body language, and verbal cues to give her insight into what gets you hot. Remember, turning you on is a major turn-on!
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  • Sexual intimacy 4 of 7
    She wants to tell you her deepest, darkest naughty desires so the more open you are about your bedroom fantasies, the more open she'll be with hers.
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  • Focus on her whole body 5 of 7
    There are more than a few places on a woman's body that can bring her pleasure. While the old stand-by's are tried and true, try focusing on the whole of her body rather than the sum of its parts.
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  • Verbal affirmation 6 of 7
    According to a FITNESS Magazine and Yahoo! Shine survey, 44 percent of women are turned on by a simple, "I love you" while "You're so hot!" does it for 26 percent of the ladies.
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  • Dirty talk 7 of 7
    Engage her naughty side and tell her exactly what you're thinking. Tell her what you want to do and then do it!
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We know there are plenty more wants where these came from! What else do women want in bed?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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