7 Things You Can't Do On Facebook

Facebook promotions are such a common feature of the social network, now, that I can’t go five minutes without seeing a new one pop up in my stream.

It’s not a surprise; with 850 million members, Facebook is clearly where the people are, so it’s not a huge shock that advertisers and brands would therefore use the medium to promote their stuff.

But promotions on Facebook come at a risk if you don’t follow the rules of Facebook exactly, you can lose your Facebook page for good.

Here are seven things you MUST NOT DO on Facebook. Doing any of these puts your page at risk. For Facebook’s full promotional guidelines, go here.

  • Forget a Disclaimer 1 of 7
    Forget a Disclaimer
    If you DO host a contest on Facebook (following procedures, of course), be SURE you include a disclaimer that relieves Facebook of any liability.
  • Include Address or Where to Find Info 2 of 7
    Include Address or Where to Find Info
    Nope, sorry, don't use that lovely Facebook timeline photo as an ad with your contact information. If you want to include that information on Facebook, you'll have to buy an ad from THEM. You can't even post a link to your website. I KNOW.
  • Like To Win 3 of 7
    Like To Win
    PEOPLE. This is the #1 violation I see every. single. day. You CANNOT ask people to like something as part of your contest. NO NO NO. You can place the contest behind a "like wall" but you cannot make liking your page be a condition of entry. Also? You cannot use ANY element of facebook's functionality not chats, not messages - to run a contest. Also? You cannot offer COUPONS for likes. NO.
  • Post Prices 4 of 7
    Post Prices
    Another fast ticket to pagegoneville is to post prices for your items. It seems like no big deal, but it violates Facebook's TOS. Sorry.
  • Call To Action 5 of 7
    Call To Action
    You cannot use your Facebook page to spur action in anyway. I know, right? Seems nuts. But it's true! Don't say SHOP NOW or GO HERE or any other cool promotional thing you want to do. Sorry.
  • Vote by Liking! 6 of 7
    Vote by Liking!
    STOP IT WITH THE LIKES. You cannot have someone "vote" with their "likes." NO. You cannot equate a like to anything of value AT ALL. Stop it.
  • Notify Winners on Facebook 7 of 7
    Notify Winners on Facebook
    Yep. You read that right. You cannot use chat, messaging, or your Facebook wall to notify a winner that they've won a contest. THAT'S why you use an outside app to run your contests on Facebook they get email addresses.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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