7 Ways Moms Can Make Money Without Leaving the House

Mother And Daughter Surfing Net On LaptopAlmost all of us, at least us 99%ers, could use a little extra money. But if you happen to be dedicated to being a stay-at-home mom, then the idea of leaving the kids for a 9 to 5 gig is out of the question. Even part-time jobs often aren’t practical. But there are a whole bunch of ways to make some cash without leaving the comfort of your home (or your kids). Here are seven ways moms (and dads) can earn some money at home:   1) Etsy Get crafty! If you have a unique crafty skill, be it making jewelry, designing aprons for kids, or perhaps painting miniature portraits of puppies, you may have an artistic style of crafting that people would want to buy. It’s easy to start an account, but just make sure you take good photographs, since that is the best way to present your product. Etsy has a very user friendly guide on how to get started which you can check out here. 2) eBay There is a reason why eBay has been around and doing well since it started back in 1995. You can sell pretty much anything (as long as it’s legal) on eBay, from a piece of toast with the image of Elvis on it to last year’s “it” handbag. I’ve had pretty good luck selling old records, vintage fashion, designer duds, and I even made a pretty penny with a few first edition books. But make sure you do your research first and make sure you are starting your bidding at the right amount. In addition, make sure your photos are nice and clear and also you want to make sure your description (especially about the item’s condition) is correct and informative. 3) Fiver Have a skill that you can transport anywhere via the magic of the internet or the phone? If you want to make a quick five bucks you can do so via the website Fiver. From singing a song over the phone, to crochet lessons, to writing a message on your belly, there are a whole slew of interesting ways to make a fiver on Fiver. 4) Craigslist There are several different ways you can make money via Craigslist. You can sell items like you do on eBay, but usually bigger items do better on Craigslist, like that old crib, the old patio furniture, or that extra car, catered to your local area. The other way to make a little extra money is by checking out the “Etc,” “Part-Time Jobs,” and especially “Gigs” sections. Every now and then there are some work-at-home options and some that might fit with your skill set, from cataloging books to reviewing iPhone apps. 5) Market Research and Surveys There are a whole bunch of companies that will pay you for your opinion. Be it taking a survey (at a place like SurveyHead.com) or by doing a market research study (you can check out a resource like FG Global). Sometimes you’ll just fill out a survey online, other times you may make a phone call, and sometimes you’ll have to go into an office for an hour or two. But it’s a quick and easy way to make a little extra cash. 6) Pet or Baby Sit If you are home with the kids, why not add in one more? You can offer up your services to babysit a friend’s child while they work or do errands and make a little extra money (that is if you are okay with charging them). Another at home service you could provide is dog or cat sitting. And the kids would probably love having another critter around. 7) Launch a Blog If you have something to say, and don’t we all, you can start your own blog! It may take a while but if you gain an audience, present something unique and fresh, and update frequently, you can make a little extra money. Babble has a great resource for mom bloggers called Mom Crunch that will give you all sorts of hints and tips on how to succeed in the world of blogging. A big thanks to Citi for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion. Photo Source: istockphoto Read more Sunny Chanel on Famecrawler right here. Read more Sunny Chanel on Strollerderby right here. Follow @Sunnychanel

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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