7 Ways Television Benefits Kids (According to Ads from 1950)

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While most parents will admit their kids watch TV, few will say it’s good for them. Unless it’s 1950, that is.

Television was certainly a welcome sight as well as a novelty when it was first introduced. Maybe that’s how some ads got away with making it appear so . . . wholesome and healthy.

Take a look at these 7 vintage ads (courtesy of and see if they might have prompted you to buy a TV for it’s virtue (and not just as a vice):


  • How television benefits your children 1 of 7
    How television benefits your children
    Let us count the ways.
  • Only the best! 2 of 7
    Only the best!
    Take a deep breath and inhale that pipe smoke, son. We can laugh (and cough) together!
  • Bigger is better! 3 of 7
    Bigger is better!
    Some things never change.
  • More to enjoy, indeed! 4 of 7
    More to enjoy, indeed!
    Donuts! Soda pop! A kid in . . . jail! Now that's good parenting!
  • Standout picture! 5 of 7
    Standout picture!
    Forget about play and imagination! Your kids won't need to interact with anyone but the tube if you buy this TV!
  • Family fun! 6 of 7
    Family fun!
    Don't talk to your kids! Now that's happy and fun!
  • Only 2 simple controls! 7 of 7
    Only 2 simple controls!
    Not only is your kid just watching TV, but with this TV he doesn't even have to use his brain to change the channels! Bonus!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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