73yo Auschwitz Survivor Using Social Media To Find Lost Twin Brother

A7734This is one of those stories that makes you just love the internet.

A 73 year old man named Menachem Bodner was rescued from Auschwitz when he was just four and a half years old. In one of those heart-wrenching stories common during the Holocaust; he couldn’t find his family, having been separated for so long. So when a man came through looking for his family, Menachem asked that man to be his father.

*Cue tears*

That man picked him up, carried him away, and adopted him. They lived in Israel.

Menachem tried to find his brother, but the records were scanty and he began to believe that his memories were inaccurate.

With the help of Ayana KimRon, he’s developed a social media campaign to try to find his brother, including this Facebook page.

Enjoy the video below. But get your tissues.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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