8 Awesome Portraits of Strong Female Characters from TV as Saints (Photos)

I love, love, love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy Summers is tough, powerful and very, very strong. She is just one of a handful of characters from television that aren’t just eye candy but who are beloved for their power, strength and smarts. These are characters to be celebrated, embraced and whose traits can be inspirational for our girls, actually for us all. Artist Spencer Salberg apparently agrees and created an amazing series of awesome artistic tributes to characters such as Buffy, Dana Scully and even Liz Lemon turning these beloved TV characters into saints.

“I know I’ve definitely mythologized these characters in my head,” he said to Paper Droids. “And I wanted to create something that conveyed just how close to saints these women are to me.”

Check out his amazing series right here:

  • Buffy Summers 1 of 8

    Buffy Summers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as "our Lady of Protection." Notice how her portrait includes a variety of stakes, her weapon of choice.

  • Katheryn Janeway 2 of 8

    Katheryn Janeway of Star Trek fame in honored with a strong portrait, which included cups of coffee on the side (Captain Janeaway was famously addicted to black coffee). She was bestowed with the title of "our lady of determination."

  • Zoe Washburne 3 of 8

    Zoe Washburne of Firefly is one tough cookie and a deadly fighter. So of course, big old guns would be part of her portrait. She is known here as "our lady of loyalty."

  • Ellen Ripley 4 of 8

    Ellen Ripley is a movie character rather than one coming from TV, but the Alien star is one of the toughest fictional female warriors of all time. She is aptly named "Our Lady of Survival."

  • Leslie Knope 5 of 8

    Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation is an inspiration for her can-do attitude, aspirations and her ambition, hence why she was given the title of "our lady of ambition."

  • Kara Starbuck Thrace 6 of 8

     Kara Starbuck Thrace of the Battlestar Galactica series is a very strong, emotionally scared and tough character. But she will a warrior who isn't afraid to fight, hence why she was named "our lady of destruction."

  • Liz Lemon 7 of 8

    You just have to love Liz Lemon. She's whip-smart, hilarious and one we can all relate to.  Even with all her struggles in her personal and professional life she was given the title of "our lady of having it all."

  • Dana Scully 8 of 8

    Dana Scully of The X-Files is practical; a stoic example of smarts, logical thinking and a strong sense of self. She is named "our lady of skepticism," for her questioning every odd act she and partner Fox Mulder would encounter.

PLUS you can buy prints of his work right here to have these lady saints watch over you always.

Photo Source: Heymonster/Spencer Salberg
Via: Huffington Post

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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