8 Tattoo Tributes to Where the Wild Things Are

One of my ex-boyfriends had a Max from Where the Wild Things Are tattoo. At twenty I thought it was pretty much the coolest things ever. Back then it seemed totally original, but it turns out that that tributes to Maurice Sendak’s children’s masterpiece are almost as popular butterflies or cute little stars…almost.

Here are eight super cool Where The Wild Things Are tattoos on the skin of some super fans. These are the same people who will undoubtedly be jockeying for position on the opening night Spike Jones adaptation coming out October 16th.

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Now that my friends is commitment to children’s book.

The bright and cheery tribute.

The 360 view.

Max and a Wild Thing on matching limbs.

Max and a Wild thing go for a walk.

The Wild Things go for a climb, and what better place than up an arm.

A traditional Japanese tattoo with the special addition of a sea worthy Max.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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