8 Ways to Choke Down Those Horrid Prenatal Vitamins … Everyday

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What was your favorite trick for keeping the vitamins down?

When I was six, I nearly choked to death on a circular grape hard candy. One minute I was playing with my friends outside and the next minute, my mother was dislodging the candy from my throat. That might have something to do with the reason I am still squeamish about swallowing pills. You can imagine taking those prenatal horse pills during pregnancy was no walk in the park, but I managed to do it.

However, the biggest reason most pregnant moms have trouble with the prenatal vitamins has more to do with the nausea the pills either add to or bring on (not to mention the general ungodly taste and scent of the vitamins themselves). I can attest to that; there were quite a few days in my last pregnancy that I could barely eat food, let alone swallow those vitamins. My sympathies go out to the women who experience longer bouts of nausea and vomiting, sometimes even throughout their entire pregnancy.

For anyone who is having trouble, here are 8 tips to help you choke down those pills once and for all every day:

1. Cut them up. This is what made it possible for me to take my prenatals. Yes, I did have to chop them into several pieces and yes, it was annoying but in my case, it had to be done.

2. Take them at your least nauseous time of the day. My midwife suggested taking them at night, and it helped a lot. I was able to keep them down with no extra nausea.

3. Have a Lifesaver or another peppermint-flavored candy immediately following. Gum will even help soothe the aftertaste and peppermint helps alleviate nausea.

4. Prenatal gummies. I have never tried them myself but some women say they are very easy on an already queasy stomach.

5. Crush in applesauce. If you crush them finely enough, you may be able to avoid the taste going down.

6. Try another brand. Some brands are stronger than others. Check first with your midwife/doctor to see what she/he recommends.

7. Chewable prenatal vitamins. I hadn’t even known these existed when I was pregnant, but if I did, I surely would have taken them, no question!

8. Take vitamins only after eating. You’ll be much less likely to get sick if you take them on a full stomach.

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