8 Weird But Wonderful Baby Products

Ever heard of Crawlings? So clever!

I tend to pride myself in not buying into the baby gear hype. And I mean that literally. I don’t buy a lot of crap baby products because I feel like I can get by with the basics. Baby wipe warmer?  Get out of town! Or a Wee Block? Other then a huge waste of money, what’s that about?

However, a segment on the Today show featuring Sarah Newell from showcasing some pretty wild baby products caught my eye.

Instead of being just plain wacky these products are admittedly a little weird but also really useful. Maybe you’ve heard of them before but I hadn’t heard of a single one of these before today. Maybe I live under a rock but I was pretty amazed at all the clever stuff going down.

From knee pads for the crawling baby to the coolest onesies I’ve ever seen, take a look at eight weird but totally wonderful baby products that are all the rage.

  • The Original Baby Ba 1 of 8
    The Original Baby Ba
    When you first give your baby a bottle he can have some trouble holding on to the smooth sides. With the Ba little hands will have no trouble grasping on and drinking with ease.
  • Yoomi 2 of 8
    We've featured this before on Strollerderby but I wasn't aware of it until now. The Yoomi is a self-heating bottle. All you do is press a little button and BOOM, warm milk for your baby in 60 seconds. Man, I wish I had this bad boy sitting on my nightstand nine months ago when I started bottle-feeding my son. Those 3am bottle warming trips can be a real pain! Or being able to heat a bottle while driving! Unreal. It's reusable too. You just put the heating element in boiling water for a while and let it cool to "recharge" it.
  • Beaba 3 of 8
    This is the one I'd be least likely to purchase because it just seems so unnecessary and 21st century lazy but still! The luxury. Beaba's expresso machine not only makes a warm bottle of formula in seconds (at the perfect temperature) but it sterilizes and stores bottles. A bottle of formula in seconds with the touch of a button? Oh my.
  • Crawlings 4 of 8
    This is my favorite baby product and probably the most affordable too! My son just barely started walking but throughout his crawling period his knees were red and scraped. Our entire house has hardwood floors so I took to always dressing him in pants regardless of the temperature. I didn't realize these stylish little knee pads were on the market. You can buy them right here.
  • Pacifier Sterilizer 5 of 8
    Pacifier Sterilizer
    The Pipila sterilizer uses UV rays to sterilize your pacifier in seconds. The contraption, about the size of a baseball, can fit right in your purse so the next time your baby tosses his binky on the dirty grocery store floor, you can just pop it into the sterilizer and you're good to go three minutes later.
  • Hulabye Happy Changer 6 of 8
    Hulabye Happy Changer
    If you've ever wrestled your kid into submission while attempting to change a poopy diaper you know just how handy this changer would be. Just strap your kid into the velcro vest like so and enjoy wiggle free diaper changes.
  • Magnetic Onesies 7 of 8
    Magnetic Onesies
    Am I the last parent in the world to learn about these? Onesies with eighty billion snaps are the worst! I actually used to get sore fingers from all the snapping. Now the onesie closes with no trouble at all! Babies can practically dress themselves with this safe magnetic clothing. You can buy them pretty much anywhere on the internet.
  • Breast Milk Freezing Trays 8 of 8
    Breast Milk Freezing Trays
    These breast milk freezing trays were invented by moms. The trays freeze your breast milk in one-ounce servings eliminating waste commonly associated with nurser bags and they take up almost no space in the freezer. Plus, when you're baby moves onto food you can store pureed food items in the trays!

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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