8 Worst Birthday Party Moments

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It's inevitable that at least one child will have a meltdown at some point, and hopefully it won't have a domino effect.

Are you in the full swing of party season? I’m not quite sure why but it seems that every spring, the birthday party season heats up, which means that on most Saturdays, you just might find yourself dedicating the better part of your weekend to parties.

To be honest, they’re not my favorite. I can think of much better ways to spend my weekends, but when you have three kids with different ages,you find yourself at a lot of kids’ parties over the years. Actually, it’s not even my kids’ friends parties that put me over the edge (in-law parties almost deserve a category of their own for their pure hellishness).

If you have had it up to here with birthday parties, I’m willing to bet it may be due to one or more of the following common scenarios:

1. Blabbermouth
You just arrived at the party and your three-year-old promptly marches over to the birthday child and blurts out the present. Embarrassing, yes but it could be worse…..

2. Take It Back!
What’s worse, you ask? How about when the birthday kid hates your gift. About five seconds after your kid spills the beans on your gift, then the birthday kid announces to the party how he hates that toy!

3. Future Sportscaster
Worse even is when your child gives a minute-by-minute recap of what happened in the toy store: ” We got you an Avengers play set because Mommy said you have so many toys that she didn’t remember if you had this or not, and this one is new so you probably didn’t have it yet but maybe you did anyway and if you already had it you could just take it back because we’re gonna be late!”

4. Germaphobes Beware!
When the birthday kid spits all over the cake, after he is just getting over strep throat, or was just diagnosed! Yuck!

5. Insane Inlaws
Birthdays parties invariably bring the lunatic inlaws of the woodwork and they don’t even have to be your own to drive you nuts. My friend, who I’ll call Lucy, has a sister with such overbearing and crazy inlaws that she dreads going to her own nephew’s birthday parties because her sister’s mother-in-law always ends up telling her what she is doing wrong as a mother!

6. Marathon parties
More than 2 hour parties spell out disaster for little ones. Ever been to one where mom or dad runs to go get the cake when the guests are already there? Or when the food is put on hold until Uncle Frank arrives dragging out the festivities considerably? Or  how about when the birthday kid takes what seems like a lifetime opening gifts?

7. Cake Boss
My daughter grabbed a chunk of cake from the middle when I had it laying on the kitchen table cooling off when she was two. Guests were just minutes away so I did what any frantic mom would have: shoved that torn up layer on bottom and filled it with frosting making sure not to cut anywhere near it during the party.

8. Spills, slops, and suds
My friend’s son not only spilled red fruit punch on a tan colored carpet but he broke a porcelain heirloom all within 5 minutes of being in her brother-in-law’s house. To say she felt terrible is an understatement but I’m a firm believer that if you invite a bunch of kids to your house, it’s your job to make it as child-friendly as possible, which means anything breakable goes away! And serving red fruit punch? Well, that’s just dumb.

If you want to see some strange birthday moments in color, check out Julie Miner’s hysterical slideshow, 15 Awesomely Awkward Birthday Photos.

What part of birthday parties do you hate the most? What has been your most awkward birthday party experience?

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