8-Year-Old Boy Survives Being Swept Up Into Tornado, Horrified Parents Watch

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Can you even imagine seeing your child sucked up into a tornado?

The tornadoes that swept through the south this past week caused mass destruction and death, and now the personal stories of families caught in the deadly storms are coming through.

One unbelievable story is the account of what happened to eight-year-old Reginald Jr. Eppes who was literally sucked up right from his bed and into a funnel cloud.

The NY Daily News reports that his parents saw it all unfold.

Early Wednesday morning,  fierce winds ripped the roof off the Eppes home in Coaling, Alabama and lifted Reginald Jr. off his top bunk bed and took him up into the storm cloud. The boy’s father Reginald Sr. explains:

“I was reaching up for him, but my hands never made it. The walls crumpled like paper, and he just went with them. Like someone had him on a string and snatched him away real quick.”

As the horrified mom and dad watched, they also jumped into emergency mode and quickly threw their bodies over their 4-year-old and 6-year-old sons. At that point, all they could do was pray as the rain soaked them while they huddled together:

“It was like a nightmare. I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening,” he explained. “I just held on to what I had and asked God for protection. I looked up and saw a silhouette, his little shadowy figure walking back over the debris. It was wonderful. You can’t explain the relief.”

Reginald Jr suffered a laceration on his neck and bumps on his head, but doctors found no sustaining internal injuries and a CT scan came back negative.

Dad described the scene as looking as though his son “was floating in the air and then just floated back down.” Dad had a collapsed lung but is recovering and thankful for his boys safety.

The death stands now at over 300 and recovery efforts are still underway.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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