9 Remarkable Photos Document a Tenacious Young Girl’s Successful Battle Against Cancer

If it’s possible that there’s an upside to cancer, what else can it be but surviving it?

Photographer and musician Mark Cox‘s daughter Sarah was diagnosed with leukemia, and while she kicked it’s butt, it was a three-year battle. As it turns out, surviving it was, indeed, the best part. But the second best part just might have been how strong Sarah was throughout the process that left her in the hospital for well over 100 days in all.

Along the way, Cox photographed Sarah, from pre to post chemo, to show exactly how strong she can be — and, he thinks, how strong anyone with cancer can be.

“I wanted to show the beauty of Sarah, not the ugliness of cancer,” Cox told Yahoo! Shine.

Here are some of Cox’s photos of his girl’s successful battle against cancer, along with his own descriptions of each one:

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All photos used with permission from Mark Cox. Learn more about his Kickstarter campaign to turn the photos into a larger art project here.

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