9 Simple Outdoor Activities to Get You — and the Kids! — Out and Exercising This Spring

After months of freezing days and early nights, I’m seeing the first hints that spring is coming: little bits of greenery popping up here and there, a sky that is still light when my husband comes home from work, temperatures that are above freezing for most of the day. I’m just about ready to ditch the coats, put the hats and gloves in storage, and head outside to soak up as much sun as my fair complexion will allow.

That is encouraging news. Even better news is that if your New Year’s resolutions got sidelined by the cold, spring is a great time to redouble your efforts and give yourself a better chance at making exercise not just a habit, but a lifestyle. Recent studies suggest that getting outside to exercise has greater benefits than exercising indoors. For example, running on the road offers a greater variety of terrains to work different muscles. But getting outdoors can also make committing to regular exercise easier and more enjoyable.

Since we’re all practically running to embrace spring as she makes her way toward us, we might as well make daily outings, and daily exercise, a part of our life.

Here are 9 simple ideas to get you (and the kids!) out the door and into the warmer weather.

  • Yoga in the Yard 1 of 9
    Yoga in the Yard
    Hold a pose and breathe in that fresh spring air. See who can hold the pose longer: you or the kids!
  • Chase That Ball! 2 of 9
    Chase That Ball!
    A runaway ball is a great reason to test your sprinting skills. Or keep it low and slow.
  • Nature Walks 3 of 9
    Nature Walks
    Explore your neighborhood and see how many different plants or animals you can find on a 20-30 minute walk.
  • Ride Bikes 4 of 9
    Ride Bikes
    Dust off the kids' bikes and see if you can keep up with them as they ride or if they can keep up with you!
  • Find a New Playground 5 of 9
    Find a New Playground
    Look for a new hangout you've never been to then get up on the equipment and explore it together.
  • Tag! 6 of 9
    Join the kids for a couple of rounds of tag. Make them earn every "It!"
  • Pajama Walks 7 of 9
    Pajama Walks
    Put the kids in their pajamas after dinner and take them out for a 15-20 minute walk to wind down. It's a great way to unplug and reconnect before bedtime.
  • Toss a Frisbee 8 of 9
    Toss a Frisbee
    Take a disc to a local park and see how far away you can get from each other and still throw accurately. Be ready to chase down runaway discs!
  • Puddle Jump 9 of 9
    Puddle Jump
    Pull on your boots after a storm and stomp it up with the kids in the biggest puddles you can find.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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