9 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse During a Family Vacation

With spring break just around the corner and summer vacation just a few months away, many families are in vacation planning mode. While couples time is nice, the reality is that for most parents, vacations are something shared with the entire family. Even so, there are ways that you and your spouse can still “connect” and enjoy quality time together even with the little ones around. You might have to be a little creative or forgo an hour or two of sleep, but in the end, hopefully you travel back home with a host of memories not just made with your children but also with each other.  Keep reading for 9 ways to connect with your spouse while on a family vacation.

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  • Swap Stories 2 of 10
    Swap Stories
    It is amazing the new things you can learn about each other when in a different setting. A city's landmark or cuisine can bring a past experience to mind and result in your spouse taking a trip down memory lane.
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    Be a Team
    Working together is definitely a way to deepen your connection with your spouse. When you are away from home sometimes you rely more on each other, especially when in a place you are both unfamiliar with. Whether it is looking up restaurants or gas stations to make a "potty stop" during your drive to the hotel or mapping out what you will do after you leave your Aunt and Uncle's place, it is a chance for you to work together to ensure the trip is enjoyable.
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    Get Close
    Ok, so unfortunately the penthouse suite was not in your budget. Instead you got a tiny room with double beds or you're all rooming in the guest bedroom at your Aunt's house. While close quarters might encourage you to get out and explore, it also might motivate you to get close. A tiny bed means you have to cuddle, right?
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    Say Cheese!
    Ask a passerby to take a photo of you two and the family and then one of just the two of you, or take a selfie. Document your children but also document the two of you. One day it will be fun to look back at old albums and see photos of the both of you way back when.
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    Wake Up Early/Stay Up Late
    You might be tired from the drive or flight, but take advantage of the excitement that often comes from being away from home. No dishes, no chores, just family time. Wake up a little earlier than you normally would. Sip on coffee before the kids wake up while reading reviews of local restaurants or tourist attractions you might want to visit, or stay up late and order dessert via room service. Or if you are staying with a family member, see if they will babysit long enough for you two to hit the town for the evening and check out the city's night life.
  • Enjoy a Guilty Pleasure Together 7 of 10
    Enjoy a Guilty Pleasure Together
    Vacation tends to be the time when you get to break the rules. The diet takes a break and you take everything in, including the local cuisine. Have a favorite food or always wanted to try something? Don't worry about how fattening it is and savor it together.
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    Listen to Music
    Surprise them by downloading some of their favorite music on the iPod. If you are on a road trip, you can listen to it in the car. Eventually, perhaps after the 100th "Are we there yet?", the children will pass out. Turn off the Yo Gabba Gabba CD and consider it your chance to play a special, more grownup musical selection.
  • Pack Their Favorite Snack 9 of 10
    Pack Their Favorite Snack
    You packed plenty of snacks for the kids in case they get hungry but consider packing some of his or her favorite treats, too. Or pack a favorite magazine if snacking isn't really their thing.
  • Have Fun! 10 of 10
    Have Fun!
    Make the fact that you took time off of work and spent the money to travel worth it. Knowing that you had fun will be rewarding for your spouse. You will be back to your daily routines before you know it. Live in the moment and make the most of your time together. Who knows when the next vacation will be?


What kinds of things do you do to connect with you spouse even while traveling with your children?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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