9 Ways to Get Kids to Stop Whining

whining how to get kids to stop whining
How to Get Kids to Stop Whining

Whining was just determined to be the most annoying noise in the world… but how do you get your kids to stop whining?

Have your kids ramped up their whining to the point of annoyance? Looking for ways to curb the whining and reinstate normal, polite speaking voices in your home?

If you’re looking to put an end to the whiny cries of “Mommmmmyy,” check out these nine ways to get kids to stop whining.

Then sound off in our comments section about your tried and true methods for putting an end to the whiny cycle!

Do you have a successful tip to save another parent from insanity?

  • Bribe them. 1 of 9
    Bribe them.
    Kidding. Mostly.
  • Reconnect. 2 of 9
    Take time to snuggle, read a book or tell stories together.
  • Focus. 3 of 9
    Spend time one-on-one with a child if he/she seems to be whining about a sibling getting more attention.
  • Retrain. 4 of 9
    Tell your child you won't respond to their whiny tone and that they need to use their "normal voice" to get your attention.
  • Reward. 5 of 9
    Call attention to the moments when your child gets your attention politely, praising them for the non-whining.
  • Don’t give in. 6 of 9
    Don't give in.
    Don't respond to the whining by giving them what they want. You'll only be encouraging them to whine more in the future.
  • Distract. 7 of 9
    For some kids, a fun diversion will silence the whining. Play a fun game, get up and dance - whatever is a break in the action.
  • Use humor. 8 of 9
    Use humor.
    Imitate their whining in an exaggerated way... or make a joke about putting their whiny voice in a bubble and sending it away. When all else fails, break out the tickle fingers!
  • Find your happy place. 9 of 9
    Find your happy place.
    If the whining has reached an all-time high, take a deep breath and get some "me" time while your spouse or partner addresses the whining!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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