9 Weirdest Baby Names From Cougar to Moo

The list of most popular names of 2011 includes such mainstays as Sophia, Isabella and Emma for girls and Jacob, Mason and William for boys. And while thousands of new parents opted to go with these go-to baby names, others went the totally opposite direction. Instead, they got weird.

Nameberry put together a list of the weirdest names of 2011. And there are some doozies! Check out some of the oddest ones here:

Did you give birth to a future mob boss? If so, Corleone might just be the perfect name for him. Big question is, who will be the Godfather?

This is not a name for a baby girl who likes her men young, this is actually a name for newborn boys.  Six of them were named Cougar last year. Wild? Yes, and it got wilder with 86 boys named Fox and the 85 named Bear.

The parents are either fans of window treatments or Mad Men; regardless of which, six sets of them named their boys Draper.

Yes, apparently Eh is a name! Fourteen girls were given the name last year. My thoughts on the name? Eh.

Not Grace, not Gracelyn, not Gracie, but Graceland which is Elvis-inspired, obviously was given to seven girls. However, there’s not not a Disneyland in the bunch.

There’s no typo; the name indeed has no space. The two words run together to be simply Kingsolomon, and simply quite a name.

Are you as surprised as I am that Moo is a name? Both Nameberry and I were under the impression that it was just the sound a cow makes. But apparently Moo is indeed a name, with five parents naming their daughter Moo last year.

Do you want your child to be notorious? Generally, that is not a character trait parents would want for their kids, unless they meant notoriously awesome or notoriously nice. But it seems this is more a tribute to Notorious B.I.G., with five boys getting the name Notorious last year.

For those parents who really love their Cubs, the name Wrigley (as in Wrigley Field) for their child may be a no-brainer. Nameberry notes that 14 girls and 25 boys were named Wrigley. Of course, they could just really like gum.

You can check out all the weirdest names that made the list right here.

Do you like any of these names?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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