9-Year-Old Mexican Boy Seeks Treatment in U.S. For Massive Tumor

9-Year-Old Mexican Boy Seeks Treatment in U.S. For Massive Tumor via Babble
Amazingly, despite living with this huge tumor, Jose remains a happy and fun loving child.

It’s got to be hell on earth to watch your child grow a massive tumor on the side of his neck— one that only gets bigger— and not be able to help him.

It must be a thousand times worse when you are living in a dangerous part of Mexico where drugs run rampant, murder is common and the government won’t help you.

That is one what Mexican mother faced and resorted to the only she could think of: church.

The NY Daily News reports that ‘the boy and his parents were ‘snatched’ Thursday from the gang-infested neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez — one of the deadliest cities in the world — after members of a New Mexico Baptist church saw him near an orphanage and sought help.”

Si Budagher, pastor of First Baptist Church and his fellow church members spotted the boy while doing missionary work:

“He just came up to us and offered to carry groceries. The Lord put him in front of us.”

After that encounter, they were on a mission to help that child.

Then another person stepped in to help, Denise Gutierrez, a victim assistance coordinator for Homeland Security Investigations.

“I refused to believe that there was nothing we could do for this boy,” she said.

Currently, through the help of the U.S. Border Patrol which helped the family enter the country, the boy (who is only known as Jose) and his parents are here on a 45-day humanitarian visa for treatment in New Mexico.

The tumor, which has been growing since birth, is now affecting Jose’s vision and it’s possible it could also move to his heart. The church is currently collecting donations to help the family stay in U.S. these 45 days. They are also actively seeking help from doctors to examine Jose and hopefully, be willing to perform surgery.

It would be a shame to have this child come all the way here and not find a surgeon willing to take on the surgery. We may need another miracle here, or just one physician willing to step in and help. Let’s pray we get both.

Image: NY Daily News

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