9-Year-Old Socrates: This Video Will Make Your Day

Brace yourself. This little guy is about to blow your mind.
Brace yourself. This little guy is about to blow your mind.

Kids get a bad rap a lot.

These days, if the media isn’t talking about how their education is sorely lacking it’s about the obesity epidemic, bullying, or how ill-mannered this generation of children has become.

But, the video below blows all that out of the water.

Quick set up: Zia goes to pick up his fiancee from her babysitting gig. The childrens’ parents aren’t home yet  so, as NPR reports, his fiancee said, “Let me introduce you to the kids.”

There’s a 2-year-old girl, her 7-year-old brother and there on the patio –  the 9-year-old. The one he now calls “The Philosopher.”

As his girlfriend left him with the 9-year-old she said he “is interested in cosmology.” “Really?” Zia thought, “cosmology?” So he leaned in and asked — just to be a badass — “What do you think about dark matter? Any ideas?”

The resulting conversation is so amazing Zia knew he had to get it on video. And so he did. Check it out. If nearly two million other people have viewed it so far you know it’s gonna be good.


Zia tells NPR he’s gotten a ton of questions from people wanting to know how the boy’s parents have raised their children.  Other than encouraging their kids to think out loud, to say what they thing even if they might be wrong, Zia doesn’t really have an answer. “I don’t think they have a particular method or anything like that. They’re both excellent human beings and they treat their kids as if they’re intelligent young people, and not children who couldn’t possibly understand how the world (or universe) works….I think there are a lot of kids who think about interesting things,” Zia says. “It’s my guess no one really asks them about it.”

And NPR’s Robert Krulwich speculates, “Maybe that’s what this family does: They turn to their kids, and they ask.

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