90s TV Star Potty Trains Her Newborn

diaper-free-baby-elimination-communicationRemember Mayim Bialik from the sitcom “Blossom”? Well, like all of us, she grew up. And like many of us, she had children. So what, you say? Well, Mayim says that you can train your kid to use the potty much earlier than you thought. In fact, she started when her son was two days old.

This isn’t some wacky celebrity thing that Blossom/Mayim made up or some “Mindhead”-style cult that she bought into. (Anyone get that reference?) It’s called Elimination Communication (EC). Apparently it is de rigeur in “many underdeveloped parts of the world”, according to a post at MomLogic. Basically, you hold your infant over the toilet when they have to go — that’s “elimination.” The “communication” part is where the parent picks up “on the cues of when a baby eliminates. They then make a vocal sound like ‘shhh’ and rush to the potty, holding the baby over it so they can go — diaper-free.”

As someone who has vials of hand sanitizier all over the house because I keep having to touch poop, “diaper-free” sounds fantastic. Holding my infant over a toilet every few minutes? That sounds less fun.

Unsurprisingly, there are people who have posted videos of the technique. Here’s one. (Warning: may not be safe for work, as it features shots of a child making a Number One that is just shooting up the charts, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, I mean that the kid is peeing in the toilet and you get to watch.)

So. Has anyone ever tried this method? Would you?

Source: People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog via MomLogic

Image: FreeToEC

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