A Baby Will be Born Wherever it Wants to Be: Woman Gives Birth in Walmart Parking Lot

file0001748666845When a woman is pregnant and is getting closer to her due date, there is a flurry of plans being made; she’ll get the nursery ready, she’ll pack her  bag for the hospital, she’ll finalize her birth plan. But as we all know babies have their own timelines and don’t cotton to playing by anyone else’s rules besides their own.

Giving birth is a big deal, one of the biggest. While some women envision a hospital birth with their favorite music playing in the background as nurses and doctors direct the pushing, other women, like our own Monica Bielanko, is in the midst of planning a home birth for her third child. As a rule of nature, a child will opt to enter the world when they are good and ready, unless they are forced out by a C-section or doses of labor inducing drugs like Pitocin or Syntocinon. One such strong-willed infant was the child of a woman in Melbourne, Florida, her baby couldn’t wait and was born in a Walmart parking lot while her husband reportedly ran into the store for a couple of things.

According to News13, the woman (who has declined to release her name), was waiting in the car with her three daughters when her water broke. Apparently things progressed quickly, like REALLY quicklt. When her husband exited the Walmart he heard his kids screaming and by the time he got to the car, his fourth child had been born.

So this got me thinking, these days we all try control everything as much as we can from our hair color to the birthing of our babies. We have lost sight of the old adage of letting  ‘nature take it’s course.’  If a baby wants to be born in a Walmart parking lot, it’s going to be born in a Walmart parking lot. When we don’t control these things, it becomes news worthy, but really, it shouldn’t be because babies are born everyday in all sorts of places from hospitals to bedrooms to parking lots. As Monica says of her upcoming birth she will have the baby in “My house. My bedroom. My bed. Or my bathtub or maybe my floor. Wherever the labor leads me.”

Do you think we try to control nature too much these days?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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