A Better Marriage Can Be Yours in 4.5 Minutes

Let’s be honest here, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, what can I do in 4.5 minutes that’s going to help my marriage?” I sense the skepticism, friends, but that’s only because I shared the same doubts.

But listen, there’s this guy, Jim Fannin who wrote a piece for Esquire on how to improve your marriage in 270 seconds (or 4.5 minutes). Check out his uber-efficient lesson in love after the jump!

Before I delve into his system, you should probably know this guy Fannin is famous for his “90-Second Rule” (or rules) for peak performance in life. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff so hear him out.

According to Fannin, all it takes to reap the reward of a happier marriage is a 90 second investment toward your partner three times a day.

Morning: A simple, “I love you” combined with a tender snuggle (for those of you interested in brownie points) will not only reaffirm how much you care, but starts your marriage off on a positive note for the rest of the say. Sounds simple enough, I’m in.

When you get home from work: Offer your spouse another 90 seconds of devotion. Look your partner in the eyes and talk. Listen (but like, really listen). Fannin doesn’t say this, so I will: Put your cell phone down. Better yet, give your cell phone to your kids so that they’ll leave you alone long enough to do this.

Before bed: Fannin suggests sometime in the 30 minutes before going to bed that you focus your attention once more on your spouse. Talk, listen, and offer tender, loving touches. Avoid topics such as kids, in-laws, work, and money. Keep it all about your spouse.

That’s it, 90 seconds + 90 seconds + 90 seconds = 270 seconds of marital closeness which could be a whole lot more than you’re presently giving or receiving.

Give it a try and let us know how it works out!

On a completely unrelated and equally awkward segue; I’m saying farewell to Strollerderby. It’s been really fun talking about boobies, nookie and of course, all things love. Be blessed and keep loving, dear friends. If you like me (and I so hope you do), keep up with me over at BabbleKids!

Will you be trying out this 270 second rule o’ love?

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